Thursday, 26 February 2015

OSCARS 2015: Hairstyles That Rocked The Night!

The Oscars has always been a special affair and this time around the competition was definitely fiercer. Not only in the category of the movies, performances and awards but also the for best look as well!

Actresses strived and put forward their best, however the one snatched the lights was Julianne Moore and her fancy Chignon!

Chic, Neat and Stylish.... the hairdo was just bang on!

Lily Collins sported a shoulder length bob at the Oscars 2015  Red Carpet, which looked oh-so vintage, however at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party she went a notch higher and got the Wispy Pixie Look.  

Love... Love... Love...!

Zendaya's Bohemian Long Faux Dreadlocks have been creating headlines and why wouldn't they? Not an easy look to achieve and most defnitely not everyone's cup of tea. But this lady pulled it off rather well!

Margot Robbie's Angular Blunt Cut was just the sharp edge she needed to complete her look. And yeah, she totally rocked it!

Go ahead with this look with the deep side parting like hers or center, waves or poker straight... This look can be easliy experimented with and easy to achieve too.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Contest Alert!

With great nails come great repsonsiblities and we understand those needs too! And we at Divo have a surprise for you.

Divo's Goodie bag has some amazing treats in store, which can be yours by answering a simple question.

Just tell us which of these nail shapes do you prefer best. Comment along with the hashtag #NailedIt and stand a chance to win big!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tricks To Make your Hair Grow Faster

Ever had days where you just stare at those tresses and wonder .... 'Has it even grown?'

Well put a stop this dilemma and pay heed to these simple hacks that will do the trick!

Basic Hair Care

If you've got the basics right, the end result wil just follow.

So if we go through the basics:

Oil your hair

Wash it regularly, but not everyday.

Trim regularly

Eat right

With the basics sorted, you can then experiment with the right treatment and products that will do you some good!

Deep Conditioning

You can opt for Deep Conditioning Hair Masks or even the DIY Home Remedies made out of fruits like Avacado, Banana or Yogurt Mask or Mayonnaise Mask.

Hair Protection Products

With too much hairstyling and products being used on your hair, some grave damage can be caused. In order to avoid them you can resort to some Hair Protection Sprays and Serums that are easily available in the market.

Hair Oil Treatment

The easiest treatment out there! All that you need to invest in is a good Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil or Olive Oil.

Hair Growth Supplements

Hair Growth Supplements have gone big in the recent few years and sure are in demand.

Just make sure you opt for the herbal ones or even better if you consult the Doc!

If you just follow the basics to the T and choose either one of the treatments and/or products/supplements your hair will turn out to be just the way you'd want it to be.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

DIY: Easy And Quick Homemade Hair Colours

Red, Maroon, Blonde? Hair Colour has and will continue to be the rising trend! No matter how amazing the outcome maybe, BUT the damaging element attached to it, is just not what your hair requires . A dilemma isn't it? Au natural is the solution for you!

Here are some of Homemade remedies that can be used as a dye and totally hair friendly too!


The Juice of Lemon works perfectly well for light blonde and certain darker blondes. A tea mixture made from a combination of chamomile and calendula will work for darker blonde types.

Deep Honey

Rhubarb roots can help make deep honey tones. Simmer the root in water and let it cool. You can use it on your hair opting for the tea method.


For the brown hair tone, tou can use strong black tea or a coffee solution.

You can also make the tea by using rosemary and sage. Sage has been commonly used to cover gray hair. In case you do suffer graying of hair, opt for the sage method weekly to keep them from coming back.


For a red head, nothing better than tomato juice. Massage a sufficient quantity into hair, squeezing out the excess. Conceal it with a shower cap or plastic bag whichever your prefer, and leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes.

For a more antioxidant and healthier option you can also opt for the tea comprising of calendula and hibiscus flowers. Adjust the amount as per the desired the shade.

Almost Purple

Pulped beetroots can give your tresses a reddish purple tone.

P.S: Red Shades will pick up colour highlights from a vinegar rinse, used after a hair color.


Jet black hair is quite difficult to work with and while colouring it can be a longer procedure too. Black walnut powder can help give an almost black hair.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hair Trends of 2015

2014 saw Bangs, Waves, Colour and some more Bangs. But looks like 2015 is all set to take hair trends to the next level.

Sleek and Stylish

Evening dos or just another office affair, confused about what hair to wear. Sleek is your answer!

Just straighten those strands and add loads of hairspray to let it stay.

Brown and Bold

if you're done with Black, Red, Purple and Ombre then 2015 is surely the year where you try Blue, Pink, Green and Solid Brown. 

The Edgy Pixie

Go short, Go crop!

Like K Stew here, this goth yet chic pixie hairdo is just a must try for those who love experimentation.

The Ruffled Short Cut

New and Good!

This hairdo is the demand of the season and could possibly be the haircut of the year!

Modern Farrah Fawcett

Taylor Swift dared the classic Farrah Fawcett look and managed to do some justice too, don't you think?? 



And the straight aka Blunt cut is back!!

Go sleek, straight and blunt and you cna rock any look! #wootwoot

Graduated Layers

Bring on the volume and bounce, thanks to graduated layers. 

Perfect for those who looking to bring life to their thin, dull hair.

Boho Braids

We're bringing braids back and bringing 'em back with a bang!!

Chunky hair braids the Boho way.. just too cool, right?!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Top 10 Alia Bhatt Hairstyles

Alia Bhatt is known to be quite the Fashionista and her Hairdos have a space of their own too! be it waves, curls, messy or tamed this diva has an array of hairstyles that top our list, at least.

Untamed Braid

No rubberband, no problem!

Alia shows you how you can tie a braid leave them without securing it with a rubberband. Voila!

Uptop Bun

The cute little Ballerina Bun placed right on top is neat and fancy.

Side Swept Waves

This super casual hairdo is the easiest one and perfect for the messy hair day too.


The half up, half down combined with the Puff is the classic evening hairdo.

Alice Band

Cuteness overload, Alia shows you how to wear the Alia Band the right way with the textured end waves.

Gajra Mode!

The typical south Indian or rather any Indian wedding, Gajra adorned on the hair is oh-so perfect!

Totally old school and cool... Alia shows you how!

Summer Pony

Out on a summer afternoon, this pony is the way to go!

Screaming out chic too..

Wispy Chignon 

Classic chignon with the wispy side parting is the apt hairdo for an evening affair or late night party too!

Wavey and Parted

This 2 States haircut has been favorite of many and of the most easiest ones to achieve. Straighten from the top, wave 'em up from below.

Undercut Braid

The undercut braid... wear it with a dress or traditionals, you can leave those tresses open, tie it in a pony or a bun, works well either way.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma - Celeb Cover Inspired Party Hairdos!

December is all about ending the year with some oomph and these celebs sure do know how to do it via Fashion Covers!

The December Covers of GQ, Vogue and Elle magazine were adorned by Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif and Sonam Kapoor, respectively. Going for some dominating Gold shades and a contrast of a splash of colours, the tressy work seemed rather apt for each one!

Sonam Kapoor For Elle - Wispy Chignon

Sonam Kapoor's Wispy Chignon here is surely one of the hairdos in demand this season. Not so long ago, Deepika Padukone was spotted donning the same hairdo, during the Finding Fanny promotions. 

Get the look here

Katrina Kaif For Vogue - Messy Tresses

Katrina's hairdo on this cover does display Messy but also shouts Glam! 

We love how the side swept hair has the element of being less textured yet wavy and stylish.

If you're looking for an easier way to get this look, try scrunching your hair right after a day of washing them.

Anushka Sharma For GQ - Textured Waves Meets Messy Locks

Anushka Sharma's Gold dominating cover has the Oomph factor scribbled right over it! 

The Textured Waves teamed well with a dash of messiness totally takes the cake here.

How can you get this look? Just style your hair with some waves and lightly scrunch them with your hands. Voila!