Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Red Carpet Hairdos for Bobs

A formal do and nothing to do to that bob?

Here are a few ideas that may work great for you!

Tucked Braid

Tie a braid the 'french plait' way leaving the fringes loose. Style the fringe with slight rough waves and hairspray the entire section for it to stay like Kate Mara's.

Tousled Waves

Waves tousled mid-way like Naomi Watts at this Red Carpet looks rather chic and trendy. Perfect for a more semi-formal evening!

Side Swept Curls

Slightly undone side swept curls like Natalie Portman's here can add a dash of style to your lob/bob.

Or you can also go for the specific side swept curls like Dianna Agron's here.

Side Swept Bob

Jennifer Lawrence's Side Swept Bob can make for quite the Retro Hollywood-isque look.

Straight, curls or waves... all you need is a hair styler, hairspray and you're good to go! So what's going to be your bob hairdo this evening?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

PARIS FASHION WEEK 2014 - The Comeback Trends

Paris Fashion Week 2014 saw some great ensembles, A-listers and trends making a comeback and these hairdos sure were hard to miss.

Center Parts

Center Parts are back and how!
This runway saw models donning the long hair look with center parts, which worked well with most designs.

Wear it either the poker straight or the natural waves way, a sure shot winner at this fashion week, at least!

Hair Accessories

With the Boho-Chic headbands still being much in demand, a little more of a variety would help.

This specific one with starfishes and seashells aptly placed with the braid seen at the PFW gives you scope of experimentation and choice of hair accessory galore.

Textured Tails

What may have looked like untamed tresses to some, turned out to be a trendy hairdo here.

The textured tails has an array of options that can be merged with like crimped tresses with straightened tails or straightened tresses with crimped tails, gelled sleek hairdo with waves at the end, etc. etc.


And they're back once again!

Wear them either poker straight or with light waves, loosened tresses or the pony way... Bangs can go with anything and everything.

Those who don't wish to chop them off can also opt for the extensions too. A great option for those who are always up for an experimentation with their hair.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Sonam Kapoor's Khoobsurat Look Decoded!

Chic, Trendy, Hollywood-isque and easy to do!

Sonam Kapoor may have appeared in a varied style in her latest film Khoobsurat, but her fancy tresses caught our eyes every time she walked, danced, turned, swirled or even spoke!

So here are the top 3 looks that we loved in the film and here's how you can get the look:

The Standard and Simple Updo!

Sonam is spotted donning this hairdo throughout the film and is quite easy to achieve. All you need is some hot iron curler and a really good blow dryer. 

Step 1: Segment your hair, making it easier while curling them.

Step 2: Blow dry the top segments of your hair till the segments look straight enough. 

Step 3: With the Curling Iron, curl the lower segments of your hair.

Take a decent amount and keep it in the hot iron till the time they have a twirl effect AND NOT LITERAL CURLS.

TIP: Try taking a decent amount to curl, so as to avoid small spiral curls. 

Step 4: Once you are done with the curling bit, for the final touch, take the segments near your forehead/crown section and with the Curling Iron, curl a large portion for the soft swirl effect.

To secure the look use hairspray.

Go Red Carpet - Hollywood-isque!

In this poster the vintage hairdo is a complete knock-out! The hero being the front tucked portions of the hair.

The chic-sleek look requires Serum, Fine Toothed Comb, Bobby Pins and Hairspray.

Step 1: Apply the Serum as required, make a side partition from the front to the middle segment of your hair with a Fine Toothed Comb.

Step 2: Twirl and tuck the front-right section and secure with a Bobby Pin in two places - one a few inches away from the forehead and the other behind the ears. (Like in the poster)

Step 3: The remaining left front portion can be swept back and secured with a Bobby Pin behind the ears.

TIP: You can let it be slightly puffed up and then secure it with the pins in case you don't want the sheer-sleek look.

Step 4: Take the loosened tresses and tie it into to chignon, securing them with Bobby Pins.

Hairspray the look to let them stay.

Twirled Pony

This simple hairstyle can easily be done in 15 minutes!

All you need is a Rubberband and a Curling Iron.

Step 1: Tie your hair in a mid leveled Ponytail.

Step 2: With the Curling Iron, lightly curl the ends of your Pony. Keep in mind not to create spiral or the tong like look.

Secure with a hairspray.

Office, party or a formal do... These 'Khoobsurat' inspired hairstyles will surely add the oomph.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

DIY: Deepika Padukone's Wispy Ponytail

At the promotional events for Deepika Padukone's recently released Finding Fanny, the actress was seen sporting a rather fancy hairdo. Though sticking to her standard Ponytail which she teamed with formal as well as casual attires, the interesting twist is what we liked!

So how can you get this look, just by following these simple steps.

All you need is a good fine tooth comb and a good enough rubberband.

Step 1: Tie a Ponytail, with the crown section of your hair left slightly loose.

Step 2: For the wispy look, try to gently create the effect with the back of the comb by pulling out a few strands only. Try not to overdo it, otherwise it may look too messed up.

Step 3: In case the look is too messed try to settle it dolwn by patting it down.

Step 4: Spray on some hairspray to let the chic-tress-look stay.

Team it up with a casual dress, tees and shorts or even formal wear. The modish look will add some edge and turn up the sexy factor by a notch!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Quick Solutions to Bad Hair Days

Let’s face it, with the kind of products available in the market, there’s just no excuse for a bad hair day anymore. Not even lack of time can get in the way, because products are meant to be quick fixes.
So we decided to list of a few common problems you may be facing, depending upon your hair type, and the kind of products you should be using.

Curly woes:
If you have curly hair, chances are you face problems with your hair falling flat, without that bounce that looks great with curls. Either that, or your hair frizzes up like an afro you never asked for. In any case, it’s nothing a little curl definig spray or mousse won’t cure. Bed Head by TIGI makes a whole range of curl enhancing products, from a hi-def curl spray, to an extreme curl mousse and even curl recall cream, if you feel like softening your curls down without the lankness.

Flat strands:
We all face the situation where we simply do not have the time for a wash an blowout, much less for a flat/curling iron. And so we’re left with flat, lank hair that refuses to look anywhere close to glamorous. Solution? Volumising products. If you’ve an event to go to, maybe a rushed after-work party, rub some label.m’s Resurrection Style Dust into your roots. It’s perfect for a bit of backcombing to get a little bouffant on top, after which pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail. For an easier option, you can simply use a volumising spray on your roots.

Second day issues:
We all have them, because we can’t all wash our hair every single day. And so you’re left with that bit of middle ground before your next hair wash where your hair isn’t quite up there with the best. Second day = most common bad hair day.
Solution: Dry shampoo! If you haven’t heard of this yet, you’ve been living under a rock. But you’ve been caught up to speed now: Just spray some/rub some dry shampoo into your hair to add some much-needed life! We love the TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo and the Fresh Start Smoothing Dry Shampoo by Tresemme.

Especially in the monsoons, a bad hair day constitutes frizz and a lot of it. Lucky for us, we’ve got serums and detanglers to take care of that! If you have curly hair, use a detangler – you can try Paul Mitchell’s Lite Detangler. Finish up with a frizz control serum before you leave your home. We love Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum – it’s light and it smoothens flyaways.

Now these are all the common problems, but as we know everyone has their own specific set of them! What’s your biggest hair woe? Let us know in the comments section! There will most definitely be a product for it!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

5 Ways to maintain that perfect ‘do in the rains

The monsoons in India come with a host of hair problems – especially for women with curly hair that’s hard enough to maintain otherwise. We recently gave you a couple of monsoon hair tips (read them here and here), but what about when you’re already for a night out on the town, and your hair just refuses to stay in place? We always need ways to maintain that perfectly straightened or curled hair.
Whether you have straight hair or curly, long or short, come monsoons the perfectly coiffed look only works indoors – once you step out of your house, yours curls go lank and the perfectly straightened strands go frizzy.
Here are a few ways you can prepare for and maintain the perfect hairstyle on your night out:

1. Plan ahead:
Image courtesy:
If you know you’re going to be heading out on a particular night or for a particular event, don’t wash your hair on the same morning. Wash it the night before. A good wash will make your hair light and soft, which is great in any other season, but in this season it only make your hair more prone to frizziness. Notice your freshly washed hair getting a bit fluffy as you step out in the rains? That’s the moisture in the air lifting it up.

2. Go natural:
Image courtesy:
You’ve probably heard this one before, but the best thing to do is to let your hair be. Of course, this works best if your hair is naturally straight or slightly wavy. Don’t go curling that hair for no reason! If you’ve also managed to get your curls under control with some well-selected shampoo and conditioner, try your best to not bother them with a straightener.

3. Go overboard on products:
Image courtesy:
As we mentioned in the first paragraph, light hair is your enemy this season. When you’re styling your hair for an event (remember to wash the night before), bring out every product in your arsenal. We’re talking style extenders, hairspray, you name it. The idea is to weigh your strands down with product so that they can’t frizz up. Of course, be careful on the amount of product you use and how you use it – you don’t really want to end up with stiff, greasy hair.

4. Stop combing through:
Image courtesy:
We’re all in the habit of combing through our hair with our fingers. Whether you realize it or not, most women tend to run a hand through their hair quite frequently. When you step out in the rains this may seem like a good idea, in order to keep your hair from getting too fluffy, but you’re actually making it worse. The natural oils in your fingers and palms simply add to the moisture in your hair.

5. Put it up:
Image courtesy:
The simplest solution is to use a style extender and then carefully tie your hair up, perhaps in a neat chignon or a French braid, then spray it with hairspray. If you prefer a more casual style, you can try a neat topknot – the messy ones will only get messier the more time you spend outside. Don’t forget to use enough bobby pins and seal the deal with holding products!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hair Tutorial : The Messy Bun

When the seasons turn and monsoons come along, they bring along with them a host of conditions. While the season is a blissful and scenic time, that isn’t always true and hair problems are just one of them. We’ve previously spoken about ways to prevent and treat monsoon hair problems, some even with home remedies. Our fun bun hair tutorial showed you how to create an updo that is both classy and quick. Today, we will guide you through the messy bun tutorial which is the perfect casual updo when effortless style is your choice.

You will need:

  • A comb
  • A thin hair tie
  •  Bobby pins

      Step 1: Lay your hair flat downwards. The more volume your hair has, the better it will serve the purpose of the tutorial. 

Step2: If your hair tends to be of the finer nature, then this step is a must. Take the foremost section at the crown of your head and back comb it. This will created volume and your messy bun will have more texture to it.

Step3: Let your hair fall downwards naturally. Then gather the hair at the base of the neck into a low ponytail.

Step 4: Once gathered, smoothen the hair and bring it all together, keeping the hair tie in one hand.

Step 5: You may then use the hair tie in such a way to tie the ponytail that it is half tied up, only by its ends sections.

Step 6: Once done, it should look as above. Allow for any layers to stray out the ponytail as well.

Step 7: Use the hair tie to fasten the base of the messy bun in such a way that it is tight and secure.

Step 8: Secure any stray sections of hair that are coming out of the ponytail by twisting them backward to create a tight curl.

Step 9: Once you’ve created twisted back the section, fasten it in place with a bobby pin and cover the half bun you have tied. Carry out the same for each section of hair.

And your messy bun is complete, looking effortless and chic as ever!