Sunday, 18 February 2018

Hair Trends at Lakme Fashion Week

Fashion weeks world over are something fashion-istas really look forward to attending and
following closely. New trends in hair, make-up, apparels, and accessories all debut right here.
In India, we recently concluded the Lakhme Fashion Week 2018 and were left not just with great
memories and cool fashion ideas, but with some innovative hairstyles, too.
Have a look at the hair trends spotted at Lakme Fashion Week. We have put together a few hair
trends that caught our attention.

Braids have been there in fashion forever and were always an elegant choice. However,
the fashion drama around the braids was very interesting at LFW. We noticed some cool
variations to the classic braid. The loose messy braid, braids with the bun, braids with
thread extensions and braids as a face mask.
The Face Mask was most certainly eye catching and stole everyone’s attention on the
runway. If you are someone who likes to experiment and are open to trying out different
hair styles this is the one that can make a fashion statement or else maybe just wait till
Halloween to pull it by pairing it with a costume that compliments such a hair-do.



Hair Colour:
At LFW 2018, we came across a majority of bloggers, models and designers who
experimented with their natural hair color. Color’s that were absolutely magical and marked our
attention were Red and Blonde. Let us know which one would you try?


Sleek / Frizzy:
There are some hair styles that never look outdated. For us both the jaw dropping graceful sleek
hair back and the out of bed frizzy messy hair will forever be a hit. Off the two, we choose the drop
dead sleek hair back. What’s yours?


Side Swept Curls:
The side swept curls is total vintage and takes us back to 80’s. Side-swept soft waves accented by
minimalist makeup are such a rage right now. This is such a glam hairdo despite the simple
techniques required for styling it. It looks chic and edgy and an absolute thumbs up on our list to try this season.

Hair Accessories:
Every season we get to see some new hair accessories. This season we spotted the Juda pin,
Turban and our favorite flower wreath.
For all those who are getting married or have weddings to attend this spring/summer we highly recommend to try hairdo’s that are accessorized from elaborate flower crowns to delicate floral accents. Pretty and most definitely a head turner.



Let us know which is your favorite look and makes it to your list. Happy hairstyling peeps!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Beauty Buys Under Rs. 500/-

We all have a friend, cousin or that someone who is addicted to beauty products. Overall between hair, skin, and nails, there’s so much out there, it can get little overwhelming but certainly a fun and crazy experience. Valentines is a great time to shop and express care to the loved ones. If you are looking for a perfect gift to that lover of all things beauty related? Neat! this season, here at DIVO Diaries, we’ve got you covered! 
Here are 5 gift ideas under Under ₹ 500/- for that beauty addict and where to buy it from.

1 . DIVO Salonica Ceramic Cushion Brush + DIVO Bris Care Free

Every one wants a salon finish hair at all times. This brush is ideal for detangling, blow-drying and styling of all types of hair. The pneumatic pad allows for the bristles to gently penetrate the hair, thus reducing the pulling and breakage of hair. The brush also has a massage effect on the scalp. The best part of this brush is that it has a detachable plastic pic at the bottom which is used to make sections in your hair, while styling and blow drying. This comes with a free Bris Care which helps in cleaning all types of hair brush (Limited time offer). 

2. Maybelline New York Volume Express Hyper Curl Mascara

This is for the girl who loves that dramatic look. Long and voluminous eyelashes will add the drama to your personality and certainly a standout this festive season. It is easy to apply. The smooth brush avoids any sorts of clumping or clotting. It gives a very seamless look.

3. Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

This lipstick comes in six shades. The colour is long lasting and takes care of the lip without making it very dry. Just in case, you’re looking for the perfect bold red, then we suggest you opt for ‘Missy and Fierce’ shade. It is apt for all skin shade and you will be ready for the perfect red pout.

4. NYKAA Glamoreyes Eyeliner Pencil

From subtle to sultry, create an array of eye looks with Nykaa GLAMOReyes eye pencil. Featuring high-impact colors, this smudge-proof and water-proof eye pencil glides on comfortably, without tugging or pulling. It’s long lasting and whats better than sultry and sensuous metallic eyes. 

5. Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow

Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow allows customising your palette as per your preference. Mix and match your favourite colours to create your own custom eye shadow palette. It glides easily without any tugging because of its smooth and soft texture. It comes in four finishes, matte to shine. It can be used for the subtle to bold make-up. Gift your best friend the shade she really loves. We personally are digging on the Gun Metal shade.

Subscribe us for more such feeds. We at Divo Diaries will see you again every Thursday! 


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

HAIRCUT HACK: Choosing The Right Bangs!

Bored of the straight cut or layers? Are you daring enough to experiment with some bangs? Well, if you are having some trouble choosing one, we've got the perfect solution.

First and foremost identify your facecut!

It is of great essence to identify the facecut you have as this may help everytimje you get a haircut.

In order to make it easy, you can take an old lipstick and outline your face on a mirror. 

Primary Four

There are four dominting haircuts - Oval, Round, Heart and Square.

If you belong to the ones with a Square facecut the Eye Grazing Fringe is perfect for you. 

For the Heart Shaped ones, sideswept bangs work ideally well. 

Round Shape facecuts are the most common ones. The wispy bangs suit you best!

Oval shaped faces, you lucky thang! The freedom to experiment with any bangs are in your fortune. Wispy, Sideswept or Eye Grazing what's gona be your pick?

Monday, 16 March 2015

QUIZ: How Hair Obsessed Are You?

Do you decide your clothes on the type of hair day you are having?


Do you cancel plans if you are having a bad hair day?


Do you brush your hair more than five times a day?


Do yo keep tossing your hair from side to side?


Does it piss you off when your hair gets wet in the rain?


Do you spend ridiculous amounts of money on your hair treatment/spa/products?


You hate it when other people touch your hair?


Did you take this quiz because you know you are hair obsessed and just wanted to confirm it?


Maximum Yes:
Okay, so being hair obsessed is not a bad thing but if that's all you're going to be thinking or touching or doing or whatever it is. Then perhaps you need to stop, take a deep breath and look at other things in life that need all the attention and money. We get that good hair is important but obsession.. un-huh no way!

Maximum No:
It's great that you ain't hair obsessed but we really do hope you aren't ignoring those poor little tresses totally either. They do need some love, care and attention. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Retro Bangs or Alia Bhatt's Distressed Tresses

This month we have two beauties covering two magazine covers and clearly one being a total aesthetic, vintage one while the other going all 'Prep'd For Summer'!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan adorns the cover of Vogue and the jet black tresses with those retro bangs... Total, total hero here!

Definitely bangs can never go out of fashion, the only thing that manages to change is the way you wear them. And Ash nails this look!

Alia Bhatt on the other hand graces the cover of Hello! and the Summer element screams out loud!

The distressed hairdo with a tone of brown is just so chic and stylish. Perfect, whether it's for a formal or casual do.

We love how Alia and Ash's contrasting covers here are just so different yet apt for the season and their respective magazines. What about you?

Thursday, 26 February 2015

OSCARS 2015: Hairstyles That Rocked The Night!

The Oscars has always been a special affair and this time around the competition was definitely fiercer. Not only in the category of the movies, performances and awards but also the for best look as well!

Actresses strived and put forward their best, however the one snatched the lights was Julianne Moore and her fancy Chignon!

Chic, Neat and Stylish.... the hairdo was just bang on!

Lily Collins sported a shoulder length bob at the Oscars 2015  Red Carpet, which looked oh-so vintage, however at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party she went a notch higher and got the Wispy Pixie Look.  

Love... Love... Love...!

Zendaya's Bohemian Long Faux Dreadlocks have been creating headlines and why wouldn't they? Not an easy look to achieve and most defnitely not everyone's cup of tea. But this lady pulled it off rather well!

Margot Robbie's Angular Blunt Cut was just the sharp edge she needed to complete her look. And yeah, she totally rocked it!

Go ahead with this look with the deep side parting like hers or center, waves or poker straight... This look can be easliy experimented with and easy to achieve too.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Contest Alert!

With great nails come great repsonsiblities and we understand those needs too! And we at Divo have a surprise for you.

Divo's Goodie bag has some amazing treats in store, which can be yours by answering a simple question.

Just tell us which of these nail shapes do you prefer best. Comment along with the hashtag #NailedIt and stand a chance to win big!