Friday, 18 May 2012

Hot off the Runway

Hair on the runway is usually bold, eclectic, attention-grabbing and sometimes downright strange. But we scoured catwalks across the world – London, New York, Milan and back home too – to find runway hairstyles that you could carry off without getting weird looks from people.

Bang On
They never really go out of style do they? And they’re so versatile! If you feel like travelling back in time wear a wide hairband (ala Hermès) or a printed scarf and voila – It’s the 60’s! But no way is this style dated. Bangs with a long bob looks oh so chic! We love the look at John Galliano’s show – especially when we’re pressed for time in the morning. Just straighten the fringe and pull back the remaining messy hair. Bangs work best on oval, oblong, diamond and heart face shapes. They’re great if you want to soften hard, angular lines on your face.


Fake Bobs
Summer’s the season for short hair. And in India, with all the heat and humidity you really a style that keeps hair away from your neck. A bob would be perfect! But this season you don’t have to chop off your hair (I see the raised eyebrows!) – you can just fake it. The easiest way to cheat your way to a bob would be a wig – that’s how the girls at Armani did it (no kidding!). Or look to Jil Sander and Rag & Bone for ideas. Loosely pull back your hair, tie and pin it behind and leave a few strands to frame your face.
Fabric Accessories
You’ll need to rummage through your mum’s or grandma’s sewing kits to get your hands on this trend. Or just rip apart and recycle some of your old stuff. It’s easy as hell too! At Paromita Banerjee’s show models had low messy buns with pieces of red cloth sticking out. Very flamenco dancer-esque – don’t think? Soumitra wrapped strings of fabric roses around braids for a very girlie summer style. No worries if you can’t find these, you can use a bright colourful scarf too. Vikram Phadnis made a regular high bun interesting by winding a crochet ribbon around it. Easy peasy right?
- The DIVO Team

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