Friday, 8 June 2012

The Braid-y Bunch

Braids have been all over this season – on the streets, the runways and the red carpets. This easy summer style is great to hide bad hair days, keep hair away from your face and will work well even in the upcoming humid monsoon. You could try the regular, simple braid, but if you’re feeling a little adventurous, we’ve some stylish options for you to try!

The Fishtail Braid

Also known as the fishtail braid, it looks quite complicated but it really isn’t. Dress it up or down – it works either way. It’s a great style for traditional events too. Embellish it with jewelled clips to match your outfit.

How to: Divide your head of hair into two. Take a thin section from side and keep overlapping till you reach the end.

Fergie-Fishtail-Braid 97001907 

The French Braid

We’re sure all our mothers tied up our hair like this sometime or the other – a vain effort to keep it control. Like most things French, this is a classic hairstyle. Instead of at the nape, this style begins at your hair line. It goes very well with corporate – try wearing it work sometime. For an evening look Sarah Michelle Gellar’s side French braid tied up in a messy is a more contemporary take.

How to: Start with three sections from your hairline, taking more sections as you go along. Intertwine just like a regular braid.

images Diagonal_French_Braid_View_2

The Messy Braid

If you find the regular braid to be too geeky or you’re pressed for time in the morning, go for the braid version of the just-out-of-bed look. It’s quickly become a hot celebrity favourite - Blake Lively, Dia Mirza and Diane Kruger have all worn them.

How to: This works best if you’re hair is cut in layers. Scrunch your hair with mousse before tying it up in a loose braid.

0512-amanda-seyfried-braid_bd1 DSC_0277_thumb[8]

The Milkmaid Braid

Yes, shepherdesses and milk maids in the verdant highland sof Switzerland used to style their hair like this. But now it’s become the style of choice for a lot of urban women. Very girly, very romantic and very summery – we recommend pairing with a lovely summer dress or a long flowing maxi. Check out how Sienna Miller and Sonam Kapoor wear it.

How to: Braid your hair into pigtails. Wrap them around your head till they overlap and pin them behind your ears.

106415373 sienna_miller_braid

The Braided Updo

Got a big event to attend but don’t have the time to get your hair done? This style comes to your rescue when you are crunched for time. That’s not to take away from the sophistication and elegance of it. We love Heidi Klum’s version.

How to: Tie your hair into a ponytail. Braid it till the end and wrap in around your pony before fastening it with u-pins.

71131296 annalynne-mccord-hairstyle1

The Ribbon Braid

This is for the free-spirited and creatively inclined. Go crazy with textures, colours and prints. Pick a ribbon and braid it into your hair. We loved the Spring 2011 look at Hermes backstage where the hair stylists weaved scarves into the model's hair.

How to: Weave a length of ribbon or a scarf into your hair the way you would a regular braid.

how-to-do-heidi-braids-how-to Ruby Mines Liberty of London Braid Scarves Hermes

Micro Braids

They’re inspired by the flower girl movement and the African style. These tiny braids instantly transform a sleek look into bohemian chic. Perfect to wear with maxi dresses and long skirts: look to Blake Lively for inspiration.

How to: Take small sections of hair and weave them into a braid and then tie the ends.

82095242 braid3

- The DIVO Team

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