Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Celebrity Hair Secrets

With the cameras constantly trained on them, these socialites and celebrities have to look perfect at each and every appearance. We’re sure that’s not easy to do. We asked each of them for their deepest hair secret that keeps their tresses in perfect shape, all day and night.

Hair Care Tips

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Devieka Bhojwani

Once a week I have a head massage with warm olive oil which I keep on 3-4 hours. It keeps the hair healthy and shiny from root to tip.

Aarti Surendranath

It’s a lot internal, it a lot what you eat and drink and how you look after your basic overall health and you’ve to really live quite healthy which is very difficult to do in a city and your workout, it is surprising how much people ignore that.

Mallika Haydon

For my hair, my ends tend to get really dry so I always get shampoo and conditioners that are really good. Like an oatmeal conditioner from L’Oreal it’s very moisturizing. After that when my hair is dry I put Moroccan Oil through the mid length to the ends because that really helps to combat the dryness and makes your hair really silky and soft.

Maya Lalchandani

I have got very fine limp hair so I use a lot of volume shampoos. Leave-in products are the best. Never use conditioner, just leave-in products and a volumizer in everything.


Styling Suggestions

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Queenie Singh

Well it depends where you are going, and pretty much if you are going to an important function you have to get it done properly. Switches are a great idea for the body and bounce otherwise a little bit of back combing sets u up even if you are not done. And then these DIVO brushes- the new line of blow dry brushes which will be great.

Shaan Khanna

I love curls; curls look so good any girl /any woman, whether you are wearing Western/Indian anything, so I would always go with curls. People tend to straighten their hair but they don’t realize that it makes them look flatter. I feel if you put your hair up or you curl you hair it looks better.

Nisha Jamwal

I’ve been colouring since I was fifteen. I began to see that my hair was very, very not-virgin and damaged. I learnt a little trick that you keep giving it a break from over styling, so something I began to do is allow the natural look to stay and the interesting thing is that I got a lot of compliments saying “Oh my God you’re looking so good” and “What have you done?” and the fact was all I had done was wash it and not even combed it because, you know some times after you wash it you’re supposed to let it be and apparently it was looking very styled and fabulous, so now what I do is if I am shooting for an interview there’s a very lovely party I style it or get it styled, otherwise I just give it big break like today, I just do nothing to it.

Nonita Kalra

I finally learnt it the hard way that when the weather is bad and humid which it is in Bombay all the time you’ve got to tie your hair. Figure out whether you want to do a messy braid or an up-do don't bother with blow drying, brush your hair up nicely, style it and tie it up it’s better for your hair.

Aishwarya Nair

I love back combing and teasing my hair to astronomic heights! Think Bridget Bardot & Amy Winehouse. I love big hair with a lot of volume and think it accents any look, impeccably.

- The DIVO Team

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