Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Flip Side – One Style, Three Ways

While we absolutely love the monsoons, our hair doesn’t seem to agree. With all the humidity in the air, there are days when it just refuses to behave. Leaving it open and loose it not really an option these days but we have a solution for it – the humble ponytail. But rather than the boring, regular way, we recommend wearing it to one side. Here are some celebrity versions we love!


It’s not difficult to do really. Just pull your hair to one side and fasten with a hair tie. When accessorised right and styled intelligently, this quick-to-put-together style will be appropriate for any occasion, and any time of day. Here’s what we would do:


Keep it sleek and neat in the office for a look that means business. It’s all about power dressing with a structured blazer and heels that’ll put you head and shoulders above everyone else.

Blazer & Trousers: Both from Zara

Bag: Red Hermes Birkin

Shoes: Melitta from Nine West

Lipstick: Creme d’Nude by MAC



Keep your ponytail loose, low and nonchalant for a coffee date. A little flower clip – one of our favourite summer accessories – will add a dash of exotic playfulness to your look.

Dress: Full Circle Floral Print Shirt Maxi

Clip: Medium Fiery Ombre Rose Flower from Accessorize

Necklace: Pieces Pian Shop Necklace

Shoes: Senetti by Steve Madden



Amp up the texture and play up contrasts when you’re heading out for a night on the town. Use a wet look gel to get that uber sleek look and tightly curl the free ends before setting them with a strong hold volumising spray.

Dress: A Wear Glitter Bodycon Dress

Shoes: Bracker by Aldo

Bag: Touch Rigid Clutch from Mango

Necklace: Triangle Collar Necklace from ASOS


- The DIVO Team

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