Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Treated Like a Queen

Salon Stories: Toni & Guy, Bandra
I somehow never find the time to wash my hair at home (yeah, yeah... I know. I get that look from everyone) . You may think that I'm probably the busiest person to have crossed your paths, but I'm probably voicing the thoughts of most working girls out there. Most of the time, I stop by at the salon between meetings or during lunch break (see, I never let my work suffer...) :p.
Another reason why I wash my hair at the salon is that it frizzes out a tiny bit when I wash it on my own (haven't been able to figure out why. It could be because of the energy generated from the constant work-related, personal-life-related thoughts buzzing around the brain) and looks more sleek when I get it washed at the salon.
Which is why I don't really blow dry it. I just ask the stylist to blast dry my hair, since too much heat is definitely not good for those tresses. So, on my salon-hopping agenda this week, I came across the very quaint Toni and Guy salon in Bandra for a wash and blow dry and came away a happy customer.
Surprisingly - and this one's real shocker - they charge only Rs.350 for a hair wash and dry! Their staff is very customer-friendly and warm. They even accommodated my request of getting me some coffee from Candies (this awesome cafe right next door which has self-service and a minimum wait time of 15 minutes in the queue). Clearly they know how to keep their customers coming back! 
The not-so-good part is that they don't offer any discounts or promotional schemes which works well with regular salon goers like me! But then again, with their kind of prices for their kind of treatment, who's complaining! Not sure when I got a hair wash and blast dry for as low as Rs.350 last. I regularly go to Runah, a salon at Lower Parel, so perfectly located opposite Phoenix Mills, where they charge Rs.700, and Juice Lite, Fariyas Hotel, Colaba where they charge Rs.600.
Toni and Guy is in the Gold Gym lane at Pali Naka, so it's pretty easy to get to. Parking is never an issue there. Zimik and Joy are two stylists that have attended to me, and they have been delightful. I've been there twice in the afternoon and both times it was pretty much empty. So I've had it really great here. It's definitely salon worth visiting. They obviously believe in the theory that the Customer is King... Well, I certainly felt like a queen there!
- Guest Blogger: Bhavika Morparia
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