Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Overnight Hair Repair

Take advantage of those crucial eight hours by using these oils and products in your hair, at least once every
week, before slipping between the sheets. They require zero effort, and you'll look amazing by morning.

Smooth onto dry or damp strands and the smoothing silk proteins go to work while you snooze.
Applying a night cream plays a crucial role in your skincare routine, applying a mask or oil on hair at night seems to have started to gaining importance. Overnight treatments are a new category of hair-care products that claim to repair your hair while you sleep by incorporating vitamins, amino acids, botanical oils, silicones. These overnight treatments promise to provide stronger, shinier, healthier, and more moisturized hair. So we decided to try it out ourselves and look what we found.

Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Overnight Treatment
WHAT IT IS: A nighttime leave-in treatment for damaged hair
WHAT IT DOES: Softens and repairs
HOW IT FEELS/SMELLS/LOOKS: The creamy serum has a relaxing scent.
WHY WE LIKE IT: At the risk of sounding cliché, this stuff works like a dream, nullifying frizz and (temporarily) sealing split ends while you sleep. And the next morning, neither hair nor pillowcase is greasy.

Dove Intensive Repair Overnight Treatment
WHAT IT IS: A moisture serum for advance repair
WHAT IT DOES: Moisturizes and adds shine
HOW IT FEELS/SMELLS/LOOKS: It's light non-greasy white serum, and it has a mild “typical dove” scent.
WHY WE LIKE IT: It's a savior for fragile, chemically treated hair. It adds noticeable shine, softness, and bounce to hair but doesn't leave the scalp feeling oily. This too doesn’t leave your pillowcase dirty the morning after.

Olive Oil
WHAT IT IS: A home remedy
WHAT IT DOES: Deep conditions and is a natural remedy to alleviate dryness
WHY WE LIKE IT: This may not make your hair shiny soft (in comparison to the above to products) but it makes the strands stronger by decreasing hair breakage.

Conclusion: Overnight hair treatments can, in fact, improve the look and feel of hair. More than anything else, these products boost in the overall softness of their hair. We are believers of the fact that high price tag on a product does not necessarily dictate great performance. The most inexpensive products are also the best performing.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Hate to Love - Music Video hair

Music videos have always been know for the best and worst hair but right at this moment we are loving and loathing two hairdos. 

Amy Heidemann’s retro inspired suicide roll     
She is the lead singer from the band Karmin (the other member is her cute fiancé Nick Noonan). We love the retro front roll of hers and if you have long hair (minus layers) you should definitely give it a try. This may be her signature style but we hate the fact she is stuck with it for almost a year now. Maybe she is trying to pull off a trademark like Anna Wintour! 

Check out her hair (and cute midriff crop tops) from Karmin’s newest song Brokenhearted.

We also found a DIY video by Amy herself, watch it and try it out.

Eva Simmons Gnarly anti-gravity Mohawk 
We honestly didn’t know who she was until we saw Will.I.Am’s latest song This is love. We loved Will with his red jacket and round rimmed glasses – hip and cool as ever. But when we saw Eva we didn’t quite understand whether the 90 degree hair was a visual effect or a hairstylist’s work (we still aren’t quite sure). We loved the effort (or the amount of hair gel) that must have been used in this hair raising style. This hair must really take a lot of hard work. But when we started googling her images we realised it was a bit over the top. And I think she agree with us too. 
Eva Simmons shared this picture with her Twitter followers (@evasimons) while on an airplane, showing how sitting behind her for an in-flight movie isn’t too fun. The Dutch pop singer wrote:
I don’t fit in the plain! People behind me can’t see sh** haha.. nice movie! WHAT MOVIE! Haha. We only see red hair!… 

Check out her before and after below:        

We may have not loved her hair but we sure did love her voice. Hear her out here: 

Friday, 27 July 2012

5 things we learnt from Beyonce’s Tumblr

Yes, Beyonce has a Tumblr (Beyonce has a Tumblr!!). Her personal tumblr blog just recently went live. And it is amazing. It reveals some intimate moments from her honeymoon with Jay-Z, her pictures without make-up and the time she spends with her equally fashionable sister Solange Knowles and more importantly every picture is a hair inspiration. We jot down five lessons we learnt about hair from Beyonce’s tumblr:

1.    Stay natural
In most of her pictures on Tumblr, Beyonce is rocking her natural wavy loook with honey blonde tresses. Rarely is she captured with her glamorous straight hair. Which explains its not necessary to have your hair done. For all those girls who straighten and blow dry hair every other day, we advise you to give your hair a break. 

2. Play Dress up
She travels around the world and wherever Bey goes she embraces the places culture. Like we think she does justice to the Chinese hat and the whole sexy Arabian outfit. But yes I know not everyone can have the life of Beyonce but try to bring variety to your everyday hairstyles. Take inspiration for the world. 

3. Accessorize
Whether it’s a rose on the side of her hair or its cool hat. Beyonce knows what looks best on her hair and matches her outfit. Tip: Trust your instincts and experiment with Indian jewellery, hats, caps, hairbands to accentuate your your hairstyle or your outfit. 

4. Knowing how to tie a head wrap always helps
Beyonce proves the whole bohemian head wrap scene never faded. And both be and her sister Solange know how tie the perfect hair turban. Its an easy way to stay on the boho-chic trend plus protect your hair while in the sun.

5. When in doubt trust old Hollywood
If you are invited to an evening party and are in two minds about how to wear your hair we suggest you take notes from leading ladies of old Hollywood. Think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor or even Beyonce.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Olympics-Inspired Editorials

The London 2012 games finds many genres, as this is a banner year for athletic creativity. With fascinating sports gear, interactive commercials and emerging infrastructures and now even some beautiful magazine editorials the London 2012 Olympic Games are set to be potentially the best yet.
The magazine editorials have started to capture the attention of the fashion world—even though the Olympics haven’t even officially started yet. The games are set to include everyone’s favorite summer sporting events including swimming, gymnastics and tennis. The event has already garnered major hype. We even love Gym Class Heroes new song The Fighter based on American gymnast John Orozco.

We are just passive spectators right in the midst of all the excitement. But looking at these editorials and music videos we are guessing there’s a lot to be excited about already.

P.S: If you are as excited as we are, keep checking our blog for more Olympic (hair) updates!







Monday, 23 July 2012

Get the look - Cocktail

It's an almost universal experience: you go to a movie, and come out with a major crush, because an actress in the film you've just seen has the most amazing hair. After we watched the Cocktail we had a similar feeling. Both Deepika’s and Diana’s long silky locks looked beautiful and enviable. We spot the hairstyles we are crushing on this moment and even show you how they can be done at home:

Deepika Highlights + The Perfect Pompadour:
We loved the blonde highlights on Deepika’s  brown hair. We thought such prominent streaks of colour were so last decade but we guess we were wrong. Follow these 7 steps to get this neat quiff in the front and messy curly ends. 

1. Comb your hair with a fine toothed comb. To have hair that’s fully workable make sure your hair is dry, clean and free of any products.
2. Gather the section of hair at the top of your head. This section of hair goes from the front of the hairline to about the middle of your head. 
3. Give a bit of height to the poof you need to backcomb the back of the hair with a fine toothed comb, teasing it and pulling strands downward.
4. Pull the section of hair back and twist at the midpoint of the top of your head. Then, at the twisted point, push the hair forward to create the poof.
5. Secure the poof at the twist with bobby pins.
6. Smoothen out the poof by lightly combing it back. Now spritz hairspray to hold the smoothness.
7. Use a curling iron to create wavy ends. 
Tip: If you don’t have a curling iron, tie two pigtail braids. Now press them between a straightening iron, one after another. When you open the pig tails your hair will get natural looking curls.   

Deepika’s Messy Side Braid:
There is no denying that braids are always having their moment. But Deepika’s messy braid tied with two grips in Cocktail reminded us of Lisa Haydon’s ponytail style from our Divo Shoot.  We love them both. Read how to imitate Deepika’s look.
1. For full volume start by using a blow dryer on the hair after applying texturing wax or spray. 
2. Next, create a deep side part and take the hair on the other side. Braid that section at an angle so that it sweeps from one side of the nape to the other.
3. Now to tie the braid with a two different coloured hair grips.
4. Tease or curl the front sections to create the desired effect of tousled tresses and lightly break up the tightness of the braid by using your fingers to separate the strands.

Deepika’s Side Ponytail:
This was our favourite look of Deepika. The loose ponytail tied with a cute red ribbon looks effortlessly chic. We suggest you try this look even if you have short hair as this hairstyle has the ability to make your hair look longer that it really is.
1. After hair is washed and towel dried, blow dry hair with a wide paddle brush tilting your head forward to smooth the hair off the scalp.
2. Brush hair on one side and backcomb the ends of your hair for volume.
3. Take a ribbon and tie hair in side ponytail.
4. Tease the ponytail for more fullness.
5. Finish with spray hairspray and gently smooth down any loose hairs.

Deepika’s Hat Trick:
A huge trend on last season's runways were baseball caps, beanies and fedoras. Apart from the trend they look cute! Get inspired by Deepika wearing sunny hats and caps with her really fashionable spring outfits. Grab some cool looking hats from ASOS.com before their 70% off ends.

Diana’s Double Side Twists:
Diana hairstyles were average (but perfect for her character). We believe it can look good on any hair length. Try this hairstyle on one of those days when your hair feels too flat.
1. Spritz texturizing gel onto damp strands and let hair dry.
2. Create a neat center partition.
3. Take a 2-inch section of hair at your hairline and divide it into two equal pieces; twist them around each other until you reach the ends and secure with clear elastic band.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Gently tousle hair so the twists blend into your hair. 

Diana’s Long Un-styled Hair:
Sometimes the best thing to do to your hair is to do nothing at all. Don’t you love the days when you just wake up and your hair falls perfectly in place? Yes we all do. But you can learn how to tame your hair.
1. Wash your hair with just water every day and with shampoo and conditioner every alternate day. This keeps your hair fresh and hydrated.
2. Avoid blow drying hair every day. Just find a perfect hair serum for your hair texture that doesn’t weigh your hair down but leaves it tangle and frizz free.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Get your Shave On

“Undercut is the coolest hairdo ever!” We know you are going to think that we are totally bonkers but before you start judging our tastes we can prove that we ain’t wrong.

Who could forget the great undercuts of the nineties? Pop singer Cyndi Lauper pioneered this one-side shaved haircut in the early eighties. Which then was passed on to the punk-rock music followers and the trend stayed with them until now. It’s always been a street style, not a catwalk trend, although we’re excited that this year has been the year it’s come back.

We believe this trend has come out of its punk-rock image because of following three awesome reasons:
 1. Karl Lagerfeld approves this haircut. Yes, Karl Lagerfeld hand-picked model Alice Dellal as the face of his new Boy Chanel handbag collection because of her "punky" and "rocker" style. With her half-shaved head, multiple tattoos, Dellal doesn’t look anything like a typical Chanel model. But according to Lagerfeld, Dellal "represents the perfect incarnation of all that is unique about the Boy Chanel handbag collection, which strives [to be] far from conformist notions of femininity."
2. Lourdes Leon, the most famous celebrity kid in the world (after Suri Cruise of course), daughter of Madonna and one half of clothing empire, Material Girl, has had half her hair shaved off in that most intriguing of hairstyles - the undercut.
3. Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Ellie Goulding, Emeli Sande, Ke$ha, Jada Pinkett Smith, Avril Lavinge and even Milla Jovovich have been rocking their undercuts with pride. This also proves that even pretty, posh girls aren’t immune to the charms of the electric trimmer.

Left to right: Alice Dellal with Karl Lagerfeld, Alice Dellal in the Boy Chanel Handbag ad, Lourdes Leon

1. Cassie 2. Carmen Electra 3. Rihanna 4. Ke$ha 5. Avril Lavigne 6. Jada Pinkett Smith 7. Kelly Osbourne, 8. Milla Jovovich

Why we love it (otherwise/technically)
1. An undercut has magic, face-slimming properties. By cropping hair close to the head on one side you are balancing out the puffiness.
2. With the combination of a long mane and a buzzed-off side strip you end up with a choice between looking androgynous and girly glam. How you ask? Just do a middle parting and look like a girl with long hair on both sides or sweep the whole thing off on one side for instant attitude.  

Get the look:  
If you are a brave girl and want to sacrifice one side of your long locks then all we have to say is ‘you go girl!’ But if you love your hair too much and aren’t really into the whole punky, out-of-the-box, unique or look-at-me haircut we totally get you. And which is why we show you four simple steps to rock this trend without actually shaving your hair.1. Apply a light-hold gel to tame your hair.
2. Create a deep side part. Make sure the line created due to parting isn’t very sharp or visible.
Tip: Use a brush to casually pull your hair on the side and not a comb.
3. Use bobby pins and secure the hair behind your left ear giving it a fake shaved look. Then, spritz with hairspray to hold.
4. Now use pins to
secure the side part behind your right ear. Brush the hair on the heavy side of the part toward the face for emphasis. If you need more lift, simply tease at the roots.

Monday, 16 July 2012

DIVO tries out – Sunsilk Kerantinology

When it comes to handling hairy situations, you’ve got a few rules:
1. Shampoo only every third day.
2. Limit blowouts to very special occasions.
3. Go easy on the straightening iron.
But things begin to change to change as we discovered the Sunsilk Keratinology. This range claims to prolong the beauty of salon treated hair. The name Keratinology comes from the fact that the range uses Keratin Micro Technology to reconstruct the hair surface.

We heard a ton of good reviews about the range. Even from ELLE’s former Beauty Editor Kadambari Lakhani. She says, “The products in this range leave your hair soft and manageable. It’s especially good in the humidity because it greatly reduces the frizz and flyaway hair. It’s the next best thing to a salon treatment and also extends the effects of salon treatments if you’ve already had one.”

So we finally decided to give it a try. We put our trust in three products from the range and tried them for a whole week. And these are our findings:

Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Detoxifying Shampoo, Rs.200

WHAT IT IS: An intensive repair shampoo that boosts shine
WHAT IT DOES: Gently cleans and hydrates and helps prevent breakage
KEY INGREDIENT: Sodium laureth sulfate (cleanser)
HOW IT FEELS/SMELLS/LOOKS: The packaging makes it easy to uses while the pleasant scent stays in hair all day long.
WHY WE LIKE IT: It's gentle, but can get out two days worth of product buildup in one wash, and it doesn't leave hair dull or dry.

Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Damage Reconstruction Program Dual Treatment Shots Rs.300

WHAT IT IS: A two-step at-home treatment for severely damaged hair.
WHAT IT DOES: Helps replenish protein in damaged hair, smoothens hair, reduces frizz and gives it a shine.
KEY INGREDIENTS: Step 1 contains Lactic acid (which is also a natural constituent of the hair, and is an excellent pH regulator and moisturizer); Step 2 contains Stearic acid (It coats the hair shaft, giving it condition and protection without making it dull or heavy).
HOW IT FEELS/SMELLS/LOOKS: There are two tubes in the kit. Step 1 is to be applied to the mid-lengths and ends just like a conditioner but is to be rinsed off thoroughly after 1 minute. Step 2 is a clear, runny leave-in serum, is opaque and semithick with a pleasant fragrance.
WHY WE LIKE IT: The ingredients lock hair into its new healthy shape for up to 5 days without damage, In our test, hair definitely got sleek, shiny, and less frizzy after this treatment.

Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Heat Protector Spray Rs.400
WHAT IT IS: A heat protective hair spray 
WHAT IT DOES: The UV filters provides advance heat protection from styling gadgets and even the sun 
KEY INGREDIENTS: Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate (UV filter)
HOW IT FEELS/SMELLS/LOOKS: This superfine aerosol mist has the typical but faint hair spray scent.
WHY WE LIKE IT: Its UV filters coat and protect the feeblest of strands, but it's also perfect for healthy heads: It leaves hair soft, bouncy, and natural-looking (not lacquered) and is especially great on bangs.
Tip: Use it before blow-drying, straightening session, on a sunny day or even to tame frizz. 

You can buy the range from Flipkart.com.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Editorial Watch

Let’s take a look the hairstyles in magazine editorials from around the world.

Freida Pinto’s Curly Transformation
How do you like Freida Pinto’s curly locks (which clearly looks like a wig) in July 2012 issue of Flaunt Magazine? Blah or Wow? The location and clothes: Wow, but the hair: Blah!

Lana Del Ray Glamourous Than Ever Lana Del Ray transforms her long cascading waves into a big bad bouffant for Vogue Japan Jully issue.

A Hit This Month: Rainbow Coloured Hair
We are in love with Kendra Spears colourful hair for this editorial in the July issue of Vogue Germany. The side-swept suits all the face shapes and adds glam to even a casual outfit.         

High Hair Fashion
Check out the avant garde hair from an editorial of How to Spend It Magazine, June 2012 issue.

The Ballerina Bun Still The In Thing
We were happy to see the high bun in July 2012 issue of Flare magazine. This is the most apt hairdo for women with long hair and of course our Indian weather. We love this trend so much that we hope it never fades away.


Va Va Volume
This picture from Vogue Taiwan, July issue with the cat eye glasses, pearl buttons on thejacket and ofcourse the big hair decked with a printed scarf is what we call retro perfection.

P.S: Let us know which is your most favourite look and we will tell you how to do it yourself!


Friday, 6 July 2012

Do It Yourself: Embellished wet bun from Chanel Spring/Summer 2012

This season’s biggest fashion trend was Aquatic. From shell-coloured pastels, scaly surface texture, pearl accessories and ocean-themed prints the underwater love has been dominating the Spring/Summer 2012 catwalks at Chanel, Mary Katrantzou and Giorgio Armani. But the aquatic theme has spilled over into the beauty domain with the Wet hair look.

Out off all the wet-look hairstyles, Chanel was definitely our favourite. The models walked out with a sleek pulled back hair with a low messy bun adorned with shiny pearl pins. 

When the rains are pouring in the last thing we want to do is our hair. Wear your locks slicked up in a wet bun. They are cute, polished with a hint of disheveled, and are fuss-free. Try these five simple steps and transform into a classy underwater beauty!

1. Use a spray bottle to wet your hair and coat your hair with a mousse. Try Sebastian Forte Mousse that provides a strong manageable hold. 
2. Comb your hair back with wide toothed comb into a low ponytail. Try Divo wide tooted comb. 
3. Apply a hair mask or a conditioner to the ends of the ponytail so they stay wet-looking and don’t dry out. If you don’t have a mask or a conditioner, try any regular coconut hair oil.  
4. Then twist the tail into a bun and pin it in place with pearl pins. Don’t worry if it looks messy and has loose ends. Leave the ends sticking out so that the result is a bit imperfect.    
5. Top it up with loads of shine spray to amp up the wet look. Once the hair has dried, finish the hairstyle by adding more pearl hairpins.

Don't let anything stop you from trying this hairdo. If you can't find similar pins like the Chanel ones you can make them easily with some loose pearls, booby pin and gauge wire. So go ahead, get your hair wet. Happy Monsoons!      

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hair Colour Trend: Dip & Dye

Pastel dip and dye is having a moment – forget your roots, it’s all about the ends!

The biggest hair trend this year without a doubt has been the pink hair. Celebrities have debuted all shades from bold bright hues to delicate feminine rose highlights.

Left to right: Charlotte Free at Richard Chai's Autumn/Winter 2011-12 show, Charlotte at Marchesa Spring/Summer 2012 and the her in the Maybelline campaign

Model Charlotte Free or the girl with pink hair was chosen to walk the runway by the biggest fashion house and designers. She is so far the only model to have made it big inspite of having bold neon pink hair. She was recently signed by Maybelline for their new campaign. This just explains how BIG this hair colour trend is. 


Left to right: Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and Kelly Osbourne

While celebrities like Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, and Kelly Osbourne were brave enough dye their entire hair pink. There were a host of other celebrity who tried the pop of colour on the hair just on the ends of their hair. Starting a whole another micro trend – The dip & dyed.
Daring, unexpected and fun, dip-dyed hair is the latest hair colour trend to take off. A bright burst of lilac or bubblegum pink can transform your tresses from boring to bold in a snap.

Left to right: Lauren Conrad, Dakota Fanning and Jessie J

Left to right: Cher Llyod, Demi Lovato and Vanessa Hudgens 

We love the above six celebrities for their choice of shade, hairstyle and haircut to match this hot hue trend. 

But if you like your hair edgier and different than others and if you like to be more creative (or go overboard), experiment with multiple colours. Just like Nicki Minaj does! 

Left to right: Drew Barrymore, Ashlee Simpson and Rachel Bilson

If you are not brave enough to try this trend, don’t worry. You can still jump on the dip-dyed bandwagon with a more natural look. Ask your stylist for a graduated hair colour. For example, if you have dark brown hair, have her gradually lighten it until the ends are lighter and if you have light hair make the ends darker. Just check out Drew Barrymore, Ashlee Simpson and Rachel Bilson.  

This look can be achieved at home with semi-permanent hair colours, but is best achieved by your competent colourist – we suggest whenever playing with chemicals to always seek help from a professional because you will save yourself money, time and the quality and integrity of your hair. So go on have fun. 

Happy Dipping!