Friday, 27 July 2012

5 things we learnt from Beyonce’s Tumblr

Yes, Beyonce has a Tumblr (Beyonce has a Tumblr!!). Her personal tumblr blog just recently went live. And it is amazing. It reveals some intimate moments from her honeymoon with Jay-Z, her pictures without make-up and the time she spends with her equally fashionable sister Solange Knowles and more importantly every picture is a hair inspiration. We jot down five lessons we learnt about hair from Beyonce’s tumblr:

1.    Stay natural
In most of her pictures on Tumblr, Beyonce is rocking her natural wavy loook with honey blonde tresses. Rarely is she captured with her glamorous straight hair. Which explains its not necessary to have your hair done. For all those girls who straighten and blow dry hair every other day, we advise you to give your hair a break. 

2. Play Dress up
She travels around the world and wherever Bey goes she embraces the places culture. Like we think she does justice to the Chinese hat and the whole sexy Arabian outfit. But yes I know not everyone can have the life of Beyonce but try to bring variety to your everyday hairstyles. Take inspiration for the world. 

3. Accessorize
Whether it’s a rose on the side of her hair or its cool hat. Beyonce knows what looks best on her hair and matches her outfit. Tip: Trust your instincts and experiment with Indian jewellery, hats, caps, hairbands to accentuate your your hairstyle or your outfit. 

4. Knowing how to tie a head wrap always helps
Beyonce proves the whole bohemian head wrap scene never faded. And both be and her sister Solange know how tie the perfect hair turban. Its an easy way to stay on the boho-chic trend plus protect your hair while in the sun.

5. When in doubt trust old Hollywood
If you are invited to an evening party and are in two minds about how to wear your hair we suggest you take notes from leading ladies of old Hollywood. Think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor or even Beyonce.

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