Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Get your Shave On

“Undercut is the coolest hairdo ever!” We know you are going to think that we are totally bonkers but before you start judging our tastes we can prove that we ain’t wrong.

Who could forget the great undercuts of the nineties? Pop singer Cyndi Lauper pioneered this one-side shaved haircut in the early eighties. Which then was passed on to the punk-rock music followers and the trend stayed with them until now. It’s always been a street style, not a catwalk trend, although we’re excited that this year has been the year it’s come back.

We believe this trend has come out of its punk-rock image because of following three awesome reasons:
 1. Karl Lagerfeld approves this haircut. Yes, Karl Lagerfeld hand-picked model Alice Dellal as the face of his new Boy Chanel handbag collection because of her "punky" and "rocker" style. With her half-shaved head, multiple tattoos, Dellal doesn’t look anything like a typical Chanel model. But according to Lagerfeld, Dellal "represents the perfect incarnation of all that is unique about the Boy Chanel handbag collection, which strives [to be] far from conformist notions of femininity."
2. Lourdes Leon, the most famous celebrity kid in the world (after Suri Cruise of course), daughter of Madonna and one half of clothing empire, Material Girl, has had half her hair shaved off in that most intriguing of hairstyles - the undercut.
3. Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Ellie Goulding, Emeli Sande, Ke$ha, Jada Pinkett Smith, Avril Lavinge and even Milla Jovovich have been rocking their undercuts with pride. This also proves that even pretty, posh girls aren’t immune to the charms of the electric trimmer.

Left to right: Alice Dellal with Karl Lagerfeld, Alice Dellal in the Boy Chanel Handbag ad, Lourdes Leon

1. Cassie 2. Carmen Electra 3. Rihanna 4. Ke$ha 5. Avril Lavigne 6. Jada Pinkett Smith 7. Kelly Osbourne, 8. Milla Jovovich

Why we love it (otherwise/technically)
1. An undercut has magic, face-slimming properties. By cropping hair close to the head on one side you are balancing out the puffiness.
2. With the combination of a long mane and a buzzed-off side strip you end up with a choice between looking androgynous and girly glam. How you ask? Just do a middle parting and look like a girl with long hair on both sides or sweep the whole thing off on one side for instant attitude.  

Get the look:  
If you are a brave girl and want to sacrifice one side of your long locks then all we have to say is ‘you go girl!’ But if you love your hair too much and aren’t really into the whole punky, out-of-the-box, unique or look-at-me haircut we totally get you. And which is why we show you four simple steps to rock this trend without actually shaving your hair.1. Apply a light-hold gel to tame your hair.
2. Create a deep side part. Make sure the line created due to parting isn’t very sharp or visible.
Tip: Use a brush to casually pull your hair on the side and not a comb.
3. Use bobby pins and secure the hair behind your left ear giving it a fake shaved look. Then, spritz with hairspray to hold.
4. Now use pins to
secure the side part behind your right ear. Brush the hair on the heavy side of the part toward the face for emphasis. If you need more lift, simply tease at the roots.


  1. This style looks really cool, but not sure if I can carry it off at all :p

  2. the tips given here to get an undercut without actually having to shave your hair are really cool!

  3. I dont think I would actually shave off one side of my hair, but I definitely would try out the look, without having to chop off my hair. :)