Monday, 30 July 2012

Hate to Love - Music Video hair

Music videos have always been know for the best and worst hair but right at this moment we are loving and loathing two hairdos. 

Amy Heidemann’s retro inspired suicide roll     
She is the lead singer from the band Karmin (the other member is her cute fiancé Nick Noonan). We love the retro front roll of hers and if you have long hair (minus layers) you should definitely give it a try. This may be her signature style but we hate the fact she is stuck with it for almost a year now. Maybe she is trying to pull off a trademark like Anna Wintour! 

Check out her hair (and cute midriff crop tops) from Karmin’s newest song Brokenhearted.

We also found a DIY video by Amy herself, watch it and try it out.

Eva Simmons Gnarly anti-gravity Mohawk 
We honestly didn’t know who she was until we saw Will.I.Am’s latest song This is love. We loved Will with his red jacket and round rimmed glasses – hip and cool as ever. But when we saw Eva we didn’t quite understand whether the 90 degree hair was a visual effect or a hairstylist’s work (we still aren’t quite sure). We loved the effort (or the amount of hair gel) that must have been used in this hair raising style. This hair must really take a lot of hard work. But when we started googling her images we realised it was a bit over the top. And I think she agree with us too. 
Eva Simmons shared this picture with her Twitter followers (@evasimons) while on an airplane, showing how sitting behind her for an in-flight movie isn’t too fun. The Dutch pop singer wrote:
I don’t fit in the plain! People behind me can’t see sh** haha.. nice movie! WHAT MOVIE! Haha. We only see red hair!… 

Check out her before and after below:        

We may have not loved her hair but we sure did love her voice. Hear her out here: 

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