Thursday, 9 August 2012

b:blunt’s Mini 12 Collection

India’s leading destination for hip haircuts, b:blunt pays homage to the changing face of India with their latest collection, Mini-12. To spread their love for hair and hairstyles, to every unique corner of the country they are now expanding their brand of b:blunt salons with b:blunt Mini. This fresh, funky and vibrant collection has been styled by Adhuna Bhabani Akhtar, Avan Contractor and Brent Barber. We ask Brent Barber, Creative Director, b:blunt to tell us what each look stands for.

Brent says: “Celebrating strength and beauty, Krishna’s look is defined by the short strong undercut at its foundation allowing tumbling curls fall over softening and feminising the style.” 

Divo says: We had mentioned in our previous article that undercut is going to be the next big hairstyle and B:Blunt proved us right by featuring a undercut hairstyle in their Mini 12 collection.


Brent says: “A simple tuck, roll and a few pins transforms this style into a rock n’ roll diva’s dream instantly adding height and drama.”

Divo says: Styling short hair can be difficult but not impossible. Take cues from this look and alter your hair with just few bobby pins.  


Brent says: “It’s all about having fun. A beautiful shape works in perfect harmony with the playful curls. This easy maintenance style is both chic and casual at the same time.”Divo says: Let’s face it, women in India are obsessed with straight hair so if you want to stand out in a crowd get your hair curled. The styling options are always more. You can wear it heavy curls or you can soften the curls into glamorous waves and you can straighten them once in a while. And take Brent's word when he says this is easy to maintain. 

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