Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sunday Makeovers at Creo

We recenty asked Urvi Sanghavi, Salon Director of b:blunt to show us how to style your hair according to your face and body type. 

A lot of curious ladies droped in for a consultation at  Creo Lifestyle to get a style make-over powered by DIVO - Hairbrushes & Hair Accessories. Check out some cool hair transformations:

Her long staright hair got an instant transformation when Urvi added a diamond studded hair band after tying a small half ponytail.

Who says curly hair is difficult to style. Just few simple twists and roll transforms her hair from messy to a chic looking ponytail. 

 Bhavika Morparia

Her beautiful silky, long and straight hair with no layers gave Urvi the chance to create a heart shaped braid around the crown.

Shaan Khanna
Just a simple change in parting and adding a hint of glam accessories took her hairstyle from casual to chic.

Every girl loves fishtail braids, so did she. Urvi accentuated the features on her beautiful by pulling back her hair in a ponytail and then tying a fishtail braid to it. 

Also on display was DIVO's range of pretty hairbands and hair accessories. 

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