Thursday, 10 May 2012

Squeaky Clean

We’ve all had that awkward moment a bunch of times, when you ask someone for their hairbrush and they give you one covered with a hundred loose hair strands entangled in it and its base layered with dusty grime. Yes, we can see all you girls crinkling up your noses just at the thought of it. And you wonder how you’re going to tactfully let them know that there’s no chance you would never touch that hairbrush, let alone use it :p

Most people don’t realise how important it is to clean hair brushes regularly, so that the dirt that sticks at the root of the bristles as well as the hair that sheds and gets stuck on the brush doesn’t just keep accumulating. Perfect hair care begins with hygiene. While washing & treating your hair can bring life, the risk of infection and scalp problems is very high in the absence of basic hygiene.
Usually people try to clean their hairbrush by running a safety pin or a tooth pick but this is not very effective. We’ve got a couple of better ways to do it.
1) Wash them with gentle soap and water. It cleans away all the residual oils that cling to the bristles. But makes you do this on a holiday cause it takes a really long time – to wash it and for the brush to dry.
2) If you have two brushes, wet both of them and rub the bristles against each other, this will remove all the loose hair from the brush. It probably may not remove all the dirt on the base though.
3) Our favourite hairbrush cleaning tool by far is DIVO’s Bris Care. Bris Care is a unique brush cleaner crafted with special cleaning bristles to remove embedded hair and dirt from your hair brush. With just a few swipes through your hairbrush, you are on your way to having a clean and residue-free hair brush. And at just Rs. 115, we think it’s quite a steal!
How to use: Swipe the brush gently through the bristles of the brush to remove the dirt from the cushion. make sure to direct the movement of the Bris Care in one direction.
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