Thursday, 14 June 2012

Taming of the Tresses

Salon Stories: b:blunt, Bandra


shimsha-shettyMy hair has a mind of its own and usually prefers to express its individuality over my wishes. With hair that doesn't behave, going for a haircut is usually a nightmare. This time though, much to my surprise I actually enjoyed my hair cut!

I like always went for my haircut with trepidation. I walked into b:blunt at Bandra, which looks very art deco. After a short wait I was greeted by a very spunky young woman, Shimsha. She immediately put me to ease by making sure I was comfortable and fussed about.


I introduced her to my hair, and told her my dilemma. Most of my haircuts look great when brushed, teased and blow-dried by an expert much like her, though when I try to set my hair into any decent do at home - it usually goes all over the place.

300014_10150353392156934_5064828_nThough I didn't quite understand all that she told me about the density, movement and weight of my hair. It did seem that she knew my hair a lot more than I do!

Having carefully listened to all that I wanted my hair to be, she explained what she was going to do and what she hoped the final outcome would be. Surprisingly, she didn’t cut out chunks of my hair. She did not think that her opinion of what suited me was more important than mine! And most surprisingly through the entire episode she did not try to sell me a single product.

- Guest Blogger, Shilpa Chawla

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