Monday, 18 June 2012

In Conversation With: Lisa Haydon

We caught up with the lovely Lisa Haydon over a glass of wine with rain pouring outside and quizzed her about those gorgeous locks of hers, and how she keeps them that way. There are a few tricks that you could pick up too!

What’s your daily hair routine like what do you do?

Umm...I definitely brush my hair everyday with a broad bristle brush, I use a broad bristle brush because it distributes the moisture from your scalp all the way down to the tips of your hair. Aside from that I use a GHD iron to style my hair because I have a very frizzy hair problem so a GHD iron sort of fixes it in two minutes and if I am going out I like to out a little bit of body onto the top of my hair and tease it as well again with my broad bristle brush.

The flat one or the round one?

No, the flat one... the flat broad bristles and I use the paddle brush...

Do you have a favourite hair product...something you can’t live without?

It’s my GHD hair iron for sure. And also Kerastase... Kerastase shampoo and conditioner and there also a Kerastase leave-in conditioner that I also use as well...that’s about it.

Do you have a favourite salon that you go to?

Umm...I am currently frequenting Jean Claude Beguine.

Why is that?

Because it is really convenient... there’s one near my house in Colaba and one near my house in Kemps Corner so it’s just the most convenient option and the other reason being it is a one stop shop... I can get a blow dry, a manicure, a pedicure, a facial, all in the same place.

Do you a favourite hair treatment? Not just a hair cut or something but a hair spa or a head massage?

Yes, I did my first Keratin hair treatment two months ago... the protein Keratin treatment... it was fantastic... it was amazing and besides of that I make a habit of getting a Kerastase ritual done once every month.

Do you have a go-to hair style? Like something you do when you’re in doubt or don't have the time?

No, if actually somebody finds one please let me know. I don't have a go-to hairstyle. My hair just plays up a lot so I actually can’t get it to look right at the same time twice.

What’s your worst hair experience ever?

I recently did a shoot for ‘Elle’ magazine. The shoot was amazing but the hair stylist put dreadlocks in my hair. This happened to me one four years ago as well I shot my first TV commercial for a motorbike and they put dreadlocks in my hair again and I was doing my first beauty shoot for Vogue the next morning and I spent the whole night just tearing these dreadlocks out and I showed up for Vogue and I said I have been up since four a.m. tearing my hair out. That was bad.

Have you ever had a really bad hair style... like a bad haircut?

I am not too experimental wit hair... I am very possessive over my length so I usually just trim. I’d say a bad haircut that I’ve had is I’ve cut a fringe... and waiting for my fringe to grow out can tend to get annoying.

A hair accessory that you’d use in the summer?

A hair band, it’s nice to keep your hair back. I think hair bands are nice in summer.

A recommendation for others... a quick party style tip?

Take a brush and do a bit of back combing and then if you can get a bit of a wave into the bottom of your hair then just... you can just keep it messy and natural.

- The DIVO Team