Monday, 23 July 2012

Get the look - Cocktail

It's an almost universal experience: you go to a movie, and come out with a major crush, because an actress in the film you've just seen has the most amazing hair. After we watched the Cocktail we had a similar feeling. Both Deepika’s and Diana’s long silky locks looked beautiful and enviable. We spot the hairstyles we are crushing on this moment and even show you how they can be done at home:

Deepika Highlights + The Perfect Pompadour:
We loved the blonde highlights on Deepika’s  brown hair. We thought such prominent streaks of colour were so last decade but we guess we were wrong. Follow these 7 steps to get this neat quiff in the front and messy curly ends. 

1. Comb your hair with a fine toothed comb. To have hair that’s fully workable make sure your hair is dry, clean and free of any products.
2. Gather the section of hair at the top of your head. This section of hair goes from the front of the hairline to about the middle of your head. 
3. Give a bit of height to the poof you need to backcomb the back of the hair with a fine toothed comb, teasing it and pulling strands downward.
4. Pull the section of hair back and twist at the midpoint of the top of your head. Then, at the twisted point, push the hair forward to create the poof.
5. Secure the poof at the twist with bobby pins.
6. Smoothen out the poof by lightly combing it back. Now spritz hairspray to hold the smoothness.
7. Use a curling iron to create wavy ends. 
Tip: If you don’t have a curling iron, tie two pigtail braids. Now press them between a straightening iron, one after another. When you open the pig tails your hair will get natural looking curls.   

Deepika’s Messy Side Braid:
There is no denying that braids are always having their moment. But Deepika’s messy braid tied with two grips in Cocktail reminded us of Lisa Haydon’s ponytail style from our Divo Shoot.  We love them both. Read how to imitate Deepika’s look.
1. For full volume start by using a blow dryer on the hair after applying texturing wax or spray. 
2. Next, create a deep side part and take the hair on the other side. Braid that section at an angle so that it sweeps from one side of the nape to the other.
3. Now to tie the braid with a two different coloured hair grips.
4. Tease or curl the front sections to create the desired effect of tousled tresses and lightly break up the tightness of the braid by using your fingers to separate the strands.

Deepika’s Side Ponytail:
This was our favourite look of Deepika. The loose ponytail tied with a cute red ribbon looks effortlessly chic. We suggest you try this look even if you have short hair as this hairstyle has the ability to make your hair look longer that it really is.
1. After hair is washed and towel dried, blow dry hair with a wide paddle brush tilting your head forward to smooth the hair off the scalp.
2. Brush hair on one side and backcomb the ends of your hair for volume.
3. Take a ribbon and tie hair in side ponytail.
4. Tease the ponytail for more fullness.
5. Finish with spray hairspray and gently smooth down any loose hairs.

Deepika’s Hat Trick:
A huge trend on last season's runways were baseball caps, beanies and fedoras. Apart from the trend they look cute! Get inspired by Deepika wearing sunny hats and caps with her really fashionable spring outfits. Grab some cool looking hats from before their 70% off ends.

Diana’s Double Side Twists:
Diana hairstyles were average (but perfect for her character). We believe it can look good on any hair length. Try this hairstyle on one of those days when your hair feels too flat.
1. Spritz texturizing gel onto damp strands and let hair dry.
2. Create a neat center partition.
3. Take a 2-inch section of hair at your hairline and divide it into two equal pieces; twist them around each other until you reach the ends and secure with clear elastic band.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Gently tousle hair so the twists blend into your hair. 

Diana’s Long Un-styled Hair:
Sometimes the best thing to do to your hair is to do nothing at all. Don’t you love the days when you just wake up and your hair falls perfectly in place? Yes we all do. But you can learn how to tame your hair.
1. Wash your hair with just water every day and with shampoo and conditioner every alternate day. This keeps your hair fresh and hydrated.
2. Avoid blow drying hair every day. Just find a perfect hair serum for your hair texture that doesn’t weigh your hair down but leaves it tangle and frizz free.