Thursday, 21 February 2013

DIVO Style Files: Chitrangada Singh

She may not be known for any outrageous hairstyles, but Chitrangada Singh sure has started mixing it up a bit when it comes to her hair. Think of her and what’ll probably come to mind is straight hair in a layered cut or a mass of gentle curls, right? It’s the look she’s best known for.

Well she’s got a new movie coming up – I, Me aur Main – and we can’t wait to see if she’ll have anything new and exciting in the hair and beauty department for us.

Like the star struck fans we are though, let’s take a look at a few of her red carpet appearances over the past year.

IIFA 2012:
Chitrangada gave us hairstyle junkies something to talk about at last year’s IIFA Awards, with one of her looks featuring a pretty glamorous updo and the other, a contemporary fishtail braid topped with a bouffant. We covered her looks in our ‘IIFA Insider’ post, which you can find here.

Screen Awards 2013 and Times Food Guide Awards 2013:
At the Screen Awards, the sultry actress sported one of her usual hairstyles - gentle curls with a bit of volume and a side swept fringe. Although she could’ve gone for a more experimental hairstyle, can’t really say we’re complaining since she looked drop-dead gorgeous anyway.
     The Times Food Guide Awards, on the other hand, saw the actress sporting a super high updo with her fringes front and centre. Chitrangada looked ever bit the glamazon she is in a glittery full-length dress. She’s always sported slight bangs, but it’s good to see her make a style statement with them this time.

Filmfare Awards 2013 and I, Me Aur Main Press Conference 2013:

For the Filmfare awards it was back to the fishtail braid, but this time with intricate-looking braids and weaves at the top. The braid itself also looked messier. Twice is enough though, right?
As for the recently held press conference of her new movie, Chitrangada added a twist to her loose curls with a small bouffant up front. Dramatic though it might not have been, it went perfectly well with her casual-chic outfit. All in all a well rounded look.

Left to Right - Chitrangada at the IIFA '12 and with John Abraham at The Times Food Guide Awards '13

Left to right - Chitrangada at the Screen Awards '13, at a press conference for her upcoming movie and at the Filmfare Awards ''13.

While we love Chitrangada’s red carpet looks, here’s hoping we see some great style in the new movie I, Me Aur Main. It’s expected to release on the 1st of March, so we won’t have long to wait!

-Vaidehi Mirashi

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Red Carpet Style: The Star Guild Awards 2013

The Indian film industry has quite a few award shows every year, for which we cannot be more thankful. Are you wondering why? We’re thankful for the red carpet style, of course!

The Star Guild Awards ’13 took place this weekend and turned out to be quite a great show of fashion and beauty. From Priyanka Chopra to Sridevi to Sonakshi Sinha, our favorite bollywood divas made for quite the glamorous spectacle.

Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Choudry at the Star Guild Awards 2013

Vidya Balan, who won the Best Actress award that night, wore her hair up in a knot, albeit with a bit of volume. It was unusual and a refreshingly quirky look for the actress who likes to remain understated.

Priyanka Chopra (who won the Shining Star award) wore her hair unimaginatively – just with some voluminous curls – which was a bit of a disappointment. Sridevi, on the other hand, was super creative with her hairstyle. She pulled her hair into a thick side braid that went very well with her outfit for the night.

As for Jacqueline Fernandez – resplendent in a Lanvin gown – it was a sleek ponytail with a slight quiff and a bit of volume at the top. Also in a gown was Sophie Choudry, who paired her monotone ensemble with a simple updo. She could’ve probably done more with her hair, but the hairstyle reflected the simple elegance of the dress.

Sonakshi Sinha, Jacqueline Fernandez and Sridevi all wore over-the-shoulder hairstyles at the Star Guild Awards 2013

Sonakshi Sinha gave us our usual dose of sideswept curls, but the look did work for her. Besides, it wouldn’t be an awards show if we didn’t see at least one of celebrity with sideswept curls, right?

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of them all was Anushka Sharma, who went the traditional way in a Manish Malhotra sari. The actress wore her hair slicked back with a parting down the middle, a look that not many could have pulled off. With the bindi and the jhumkas, Anushka upped her style quotient considerably.

Anushka Sharma gives us a pleasant surprise with her innovative updo at the Star Guild Awards 2013

All in all, it seemed to be a beautifully star-studded night. Can’t wait for the next big red carpet event!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

V-Day How To: The Bouffant

Some of our most iconic Hollywood and Bollywood actresses come from the 50s and 60s. Take Audrey Hepburn, for example. Ever so elegant, she had millions of people – men and women alike – exalt her for her beauty. She was known for her trademark cat eyeliner, pouty lips and the oh-so-essential bouffant…the same one we’re going to take inspiration for this Valentine’s Day.

Audrey Hepburn sports a version of the bouffant in this picture from 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'

Super popular with the celebrities, the bouffant makes for a perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyle. It adds a touch of chic to any outfit, instantly making you look elegant and graceful. And contrary to how it may seem, it’s really easy to execute – all you need is a comb or a brush, some hairspray and a bunch of bobby pins.

Julianne Hough wears her bouffant with curls, while Emma Stone complements her subtler bouffant with cat eye liner

Not everyone can walk around with a full-blown bouffant though  - it would be slightly awkward if your valentine’s date was, say, at a movie theatre. So let’s take it a step down and go for the half-bouffant, which you can easily do in 15 minutes and instantly up your glamour quotient.

What you’ll need:
  • ·      A comb or a brush
  • ·      A few bobby pins, in the colour closest to that of your hair
  • ·      Volumizer Spray
  • ·      Hairspray

Step 1: Making sure your hair is completely dry after washing it, spray it with a volumizer spray. Then, neatly section off a two-inch portion of the front part of your hair. 

Step 2: Take the top part of your hair (leaving the bottom part down like you would in a half ponytail) and after combing it out to neaten it, start back combing it to create volume. Back combing is combing in the opposite direction, toward the roots.

Step 3: After creating enough volume, smoothen the top layer gently with your comb to hide the back combing and then pin your hair at the back in the centre of your head with two bobby pins.

Step 4: Take the two front sections of your hair that you’d left out earlier and after gently brushing them out, pin them back - one after the other – exactly where you’ve pinned your back combed hair.
And there you have it! It’s like a half ponytail with a bit of volume at the top, enough to give you a retro look but not extreme enough to make you look overly dramatic.

Of course, you can make it more fun with some embellished headbands or by curling the bottom of your hair afterwards, or even tying the bottom section of your hair into a sleek ponytail like Nargis Fakhri and Sonam Kapoor.

Nargis Fakhri and Sonam Kapoor add ponytails to their half-bouffants, with Kareena Kapoor going the classic way

You can do so much with this hairstyle; arrange it however it suits you – the bouffant is the centerpiece, let your imagination run wild with the rest of it. Here’s wishing all you sensational ladies a happy Valentine’s Day!

-Vaidehi Mirashi.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Colour Crazy

Everyone feels great after a haircut, or even a trim. But according to hairstylist and celebrated colorist Samantha D’souza - who's been kind enough to provide us with awesome inputs and pictures for this post - hair colouring really tops the charts when it comes to feel-good hair care.

While a lot of you may be a bit trepidatious when it comes to hair colouring – and rightfully so – when it’s done well it can be a work of art. And hey, just look to the red carpets if you have any doubts.

For those who of you aren’t too daring and would rather have a natural look to your hair colour, Samantha suggests trying the ‘ombre’ trend, which has actually been super popular with all the Hollywood stars.

Ombre colouring involves colouring your hair in varying shades of a colour, with the darkest shade starting from the root of your hair and the lightest at the tip. This allows you to play around with natural browns and make a style statement without grabbing too much attention. And as Samantha says, the best part about this is that the colour will grow out naturally, which means you don’t really have to worry about maintaining it…doesn’t that solve half your hair-colour issues right there?

The subtle ombre colouring technique as shown on one of the clients at Samantha's Salon

For those of you who love to think outside the box and live on the wild side, hair colouring has endless possibilities. We’re talking candy coloured hair, dip dying and (honest-to-God) animal print for your hair. Yeah, you read that one right.  Samantha tells us she and her team at Samantha’s Salon come up with animal print and other designs you can actually get coloured into your hair for an outstanding – literally - effect. Can’t be shy for that one, guys!

There's no style statement as loud as a red head - and this one has the added bonus of an edgy cut

Walk on the wild side with some bold animal print colouring from Samantha's Salon

You can never go wrong with a flash of bright colour 

So the next time you walk into a salon for a haircut, consider getting it coloured too. You know that fabulous, my-hair-couldn’t-look-any-better feeling? That’s what you’ll get and as you’ll find out the hard way, it’s addictive.

Inputs and photo credit - Samantha D'souza

- Vaidehi Mirashi

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Accessory Addiction: DIVO gives us a reason to party!

Picture this. It’s Saturday night and you’re about to go out to a party with all your friends. You have the perfect dress but you just can’t figure out what accessories you can wear with it. Sound familiar?

Besides, sometimes you just want to be able to get dressed in under a half hour and still look presentable enough for your night out. Lucky for all you fashionistas, DIVO just launched a range of pretty awesome hair accessories.

Embellished hair bands that look like they’ve come straight from Blair Waldorf’s dresser, and a range of colorful hair ties that’ll add some serious character to your ponytails, braids or even a messy updo.

There are five new styles of hair bands, each with its unique combination of crystals. stones and diamante clusters. They’re shown here in the pictures as great embellishments for an updo, but wear them with your hair open or tied and your need for any kind of accessories flies straight out the window. Pair any of these with a dress or a tee and you can pretty much go from day wear to night in literally one step.  The icing on the cake is that they’re all pretty monochromatic and so will complement almost any outfit. Plus, the inconspicuous black band will make the embellishments stand out all the more for dark-haired women.

These hair bands go great with any hairstyle - try beach-y waves or even a sleek chignon!

As for the hair ties, they come in a riot of colours, all suitable for day as well as night. When you’re too tired to do a hair wash before a night out, quickly braid your hair and secure it with one of these beaded ties. But their expedience isn’t even the best part. These ties come without any metal connectors – which means that you’ll no longer be pulling out strands of hair when you pull off your hair tie. It’s a solution to half of our hair tying problems no?

DIVO hair ties add a pop of colour to any style

So parties are definitely easier to dress up for now, especially for those who hate spending an inordinate amount of time rooting through their closets. Just pop on an outfit, add one of these fab DIVO hair accessories and you’re good to go!

Friday, 8 February 2013

The Perfect Cut

So many of us go to the hairdresser’s with the mental picture of a celebrity’s gorgeous hairdo. Now I know most of you have probably done this too, so don’t try to deny it.  But hey, who can blame us right? Anyone would want locks that look like they belong on the red carpet. My friend once walked into a salon and said, “I’d like a haircut like Priyanka Chopra’s.” Wise decision, I’d say, if her face shape were anything like Priyanka Chopra’s – which it’s not.

And so we come to one of the most important rules of hairstyling: know your face shape. As told to us by the very talented hairstylist Akshata Honawar at the recently held bloggers’ meet, there are six face types: round, square, oval, diamond, long and heart shaped. And different styles suit different types - so think twice before you decide to experiment and go in for that pixie cut.

The different types of face shapes

What I’m going to do here is suggest a few hairstyles and tips for each face type, in the hope that I save at least a few of you from embarrassing haircut decisions I’ve made myself.

Round: Go for layers and lengths that fall below your chin, basically pulling attention away from your cheeks and ear. Bangs are a great idea, but keep them long and side swept rather than straight and chopped.

Bollywood's latest debutant Alia Bhatt,  has a round face.

Square: Okay this is my face type and let me tell you, it’s no picnic. If you have wavy or curly hair, incorporate layers into your cut and soften your curls. Remember, always avoid short hair – it’ll only pull attention towards your jaw. Take a hint from Kareena Kapoor and get layers that start just below your jaw line.

Kareena Kapoor has a square face and complements it with layers 

Oval: First thing to do is celebrate. You can pull off almost any style you want, you lucky things. Go in for a bob if you’re feeling adventurous, or maybe just bangs. If you have curly hair ask your hairdresser to cut it softer so that it doesn’t look too big and your curls look looser, a little more beach wave-y.

Jessica Alba sports loose waves and bangs to suit her oval face.

Heart Shaped: Ah, the most charming shape of them all. Go for short cuts if you like, maybe a bob that extends up to your jaw line. If you have curly hair, avoid a straight-cut bob and give it a layer or two. Bangs are a great idea, too.

Reese Witherspoon, with a heart shaped face, steps out with medium-length hair. 

Diamond: Diamond shaped faces usually have fantastic cheekbones. Another plus? If your face is of this type, you’re one of the few who can pull off bottom-heavy styles. Where others need layers with their bobs, you can go for fuller ones. If you have wavy or curly hair, keep it long on top with dramatic full waves at the bottom.

Scarlett Johansson shows off her cheeckbones with a heavy side parting

Long: If you have straight hair, avoid keeping it too long – it’ll only emphasize the length of your face. Go for haircuts that have volume and texture. If you have a large forehead, try straight and chopped bangs to disguise it.

Neha Dhupia - with a long shaped face - pulls her hair into a textured ponytail.

So now that you know which hairstyle to go in for, your next visit to the hairdresser’s should be a cakewalk, right? If you ask me, there’s no feeling as good as when you walk out of there with the perfect cut, so you should definitely go try this out sooner rather than later. Chop chop!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

DIVO & Dermalogica host a Bombay Bloggers' Meet!

You know what’s better than blogging about fashion and beauty every single day? Attending a super fun event where you meet other people just as blog-crazy as you. 
So you understand when I say that the bloggers’ meet organized by Dermalogica India and DIVO Accessories was a fashion-tastic event that you would not want to miss.

“It all started with our love for blogs and the bloggers. We’ve always wanted to educate young women & show them basics about hairstyling. What better way to reach out to them than through our dear fashion & beauty bloggers” said CEO of DIVO Accessories, Ruchika Bhojwani.

The meet took off with an ‘Expert Speak’ session with the very talented hairstylist Akshata Honawar explaining to everyone how to figure out their face shape – round, heart, square, diamond or oval – and then how to choose the perfect hairstyle to go with it. A lifesaving tip if there ever was one, am I right?
Then followed an interactive group discussion between Akshata and the bloggers as she started giving hairstyling tips such as (prepare yourself for a shock, ladies) “oil is not the best route to healthy hair”. 

The bloggers listen, enraptured.

Next up was Avni Amlani, International Skin Expert and Consultant to Dermalogica India as she gave bloggers five basic tips to a healthy skincare routine.  And in case you’re curious, which I’m sure you are, the five steps are: Double cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize and protect! She then followed up this session with a cornucopia of information about the best ways to look after skin while traveling. As she very aptly put, “Bloggers are always working hard to provide their readers valuable information but with this event we wanted them to be on the receiving end by giving expert tips on hair and skin care.”

The talented bloggers, doing what they do best.
Coffee Breaks and Experiences: Who said fashionistas only eat salads? Bloggers loaded up on sandwiches and mouth-wateringly delicious desserts as they got to know each other better. And then in true diva style they got their pictures taken at the DIVO photobooth before getting their complimentary hand massages at the Dermalogica Skin Bar.

Don't miss the lovely hair accessories!

One of the happy bloggers at the photobooth. Pink afro? Yes, please!

Another fun-loving blogger at the photobooth. 

DIY Hairstyling: Akshata Honawar picked five fun and quick hairstyles (shown below) that the attending bloggers could do in a jiffy without the help of their hairstylists, which had everyone from the long haired DIVO CEO Ruchika Bhojwani to the short haired Dermalogica’s PR executive Preeti Barot volunteering for a quick hairstyle transformation. Bloggers tried the 80’s retro hairstyle and also tried the braided hairstyle – all you beautiful ladies must try these two out at home too!

The Bouffant

The Braided Hairstyle

The Messy Side Bun

The 80s Retro Hairstyle

The Classic Side Bun

With the hairstyling session coming to an end, the evening closed on a high note with a few closing remarks from CEO of DIVO Ruchika Bhojwani and goody bags for all the happy bloggers!

- Vaidehi Mirashi.