Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Accessory Addiction: DIVO gives us a reason to party!

Picture this. It’s Saturday night and you’re about to go out to a party with all your friends. You have the perfect dress but you just can’t figure out what accessories you can wear with it. Sound familiar?

Besides, sometimes you just want to be able to get dressed in under a half hour and still look presentable enough for your night out. Lucky for all you fashionistas, DIVO just launched a range of pretty awesome hair accessories.

Embellished hair bands that look like they’ve come straight from Blair Waldorf’s dresser, and a range of colorful hair ties that’ll add some serious character to your ponytails, braids or even a messy updo.

There are five new styles of hair bands, each with its unique combination of crystals. stones and diamante clusters. They’re shown here in the pictures as great embellishments for an updo, but wear them with your hair open or tied and your need for any kind of accessories flies straight out the window. Pair any of these with a dress or a tee and you can pretty much go from day wear to night in literally one step.  The icing on the cake is that they’re all pretty monochromatic and so will complement almost any outfit. Plus, the inconspicuous black band will make the embellishments stand out all the more for dark-haired women.

These hair bands go great with any hairstyle - try beach-y waves or even a sleek chignon!

As for the hair ties, they come in a riot of colours, all suitable for day as well as night. When you’re too tired to do a hair wash before a night out, quickly braid your hair and secure it with one of these beaded ties. But their expedience isn’t even the best part. These ties come without any metal connectors – which means that you’ll no longer be pulling out strands of hair when you pull off your hair tie. It’s a solution to half of our hair tying problems no?

DIVO hair ties add a pop of colour to any style

So parties are definitely easier to dress up for now, especially for those who hate spending an inordinate amount of time rooting through their closets. Just pop on an outfit, add one of these fab DIVO hair accessories and you’re good to go!

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