Sunday, 14 April 2013

Behind the Scenes with Celebrity Stylist Triporna Majumder

      We caught up with Kajol's stylist, Triporna Majumder and had a little chat about what it's like styling one of Bollywood's most sought-after divas. In addition to working with Kajol, Triporna has styled advertisements for Knorr, Whirlpool and Huggies and is also involved with the styling of photo shoots and movies - remember Dum Maaro Dum?  Much to our delight, we give you the woman behind the scenes. 

      As the stylist to one of Bollywood’s most revered divas, we must ask – what is the kind of planning and preparation that goes into one of Kajol’s red carpet appearances?
      Well, I put in a lot of planning and preparation – getting visuals of her in beautiful clothes and hairstyles, that sort of thing. But Kajol’s always laughing at me because she thinks I get over-enthusiastic…I guess in the end we don’t follow any red carpet trends as such, we just go with what looks best.

      We'd really like to know, who is Kajol's hairstylist?
      Kajol's styling is done by Sangeeta Hegde.

      We love her recent hairstyles paired with the Sabyasachi saris, especially since the side braid and updo are more experimental than those we’ve seen earlier. What prompted such a change from the simple-and-safe hairstyles?
      Life is spent is phases. Kajol’s in a different phase today than the one she was in ten years ago. Five years from now, she’ll probably be in an entirely different phase. Earlier, everybody around her and she herself loved simplistic and natural hairstyles, which she looked great in. However I like to do up her hair because I feel Kajol’s is a face that can be explored much more in terms of styling and can carry off just about any hairstyle. I am glad that she is allowing me to try new things on her.

      Of all her recent ones, which would you say is your favourite hairstyle on Kajol? Which is one of her favourites?
      I loved the side braided Russian knot on her and I also love to pin a small portion of her hair in front and leave the rest open and wild all over her shoulders. She always looks resplendent in that hairstyle.
      And if I had to guess her favourite hairstyle then it definitely would be any hairstyle that takes less than 15 minutes to achieve.

      Just like we’d choose an outfit based on the occasion we’re wearing it for, what’s your suggestion on matching hairstyles to occasions?  Are there any rules or guidelines to live by?
      Whether it is choosing an outfit or a hairstyle the thumb rule is that it should be occasion and age appropriate and you should look comfortable and confident in it. That is when your look is successful. And your mirror is your best guide to that.

      As a decidedly hair-crazy blog, we’re always looking for new trends on the red carpets that we can incorporate into our daily lives. Can you name a couple of hairstyles we’d be crazy not to try out this summer?
      In my opinion, try everything – try every new style you see, but please don’t leave your hair open this summer unless you have lost your hair tie or something. Open hair for now is a bit boring. Braid it, tie it, look up your old family albums and copy your mum’s or aunt’s vintage hairstyles. I see everybody doing low side plaits and low side ponytails everywhere. Why isn’t anybody doing the mid to high side ponytail like in the 80’s? Whatever you’re wearing, depending on the shape of your face, try doing a mid to high side ponytail using fancy and colourful hair ties if you’ve got long hair. It’s a fabulous hairstyle to bring back for young girls this summer.

Triporna's favourite: Kajol in a side braided Russian knot and at Karan Johar's party with a section of her hair pinned up. (Image courtesy - &, respectively)

Kajol pairs her Sabyasachi with an updo at the Mai premiere

Kajol in a side braid to complement her Sabyasachi sari at the Jagjit Singh Tribute Concert



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  2. Thanks Vidhita, glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more red carpet hairstyles and interviews with celebrity hairstylists!

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