Monday, 29 April 2013

Glam hairstyles for the perfect beach getaway

No one would recommend going to the beach in this overpowering Indian heat. When flip flop season rolls around though, you can’t help but picture yourself by the beach, beverage in hand.

So we’ve come up with a list of super easy hairstyles that’ll make sure you look as great as Deepika Padukone from the movie Cocktail. Contrary to a few of our Bollywood movies, beach hairstyles aren’t about super shiny, perfectly in place locks. Make your summer statement with these suggestions:

First there’s our favourite, the top knot. Doesn’t this hairstyle keep cropping up all the time? That’s because it’s an all-rounder, prefect for all occasions and especially for the beach, when you might want your hair away from your face, protected by the water. Whether you’re diving into the waves or the chlorine-saturated pool, this hairstyle can help you prevent maximum damage. Consult our How To article for the complete know how!

For all you girls with wavy hair prone to humidity frizz, worry not. All you have to do is apply a little product – maybe a styling gel or an anti-frizz cream right after your shower. Then don’t comb through your hair – even with your fingers. Let it air dry for effortless beachy waves.

If, on the other hand, you happen to be born with pin straight hair, you can achieve the beachy waves with just a couple of steps. After you wash it, apply a styling gel (lightly) and braid your hair as tightly as possible, then let it air dry. Only open your braid once it’s completely dry and you’ll have the perfect beach waves!
Another great hairstyle is the side braid, a popular choice for our Bollywood celebrities as of now. Sweep your hair sideways and start braiding, pulling it low over your shoulder. The best part about this hairstyle is that the braid looks pretty great messy, so you don’t have to be very meticulous as you do it.

You can also skip the braid and go for the easier hairstyle choice, the ponytail. It’s easier to maintain and will take lesser of your time to accomplish. You can have it sideways too, or wrap it with a section of your hair instead of a scrunchie…be creative! For some inspiration, here’s our article on ponytails.

Last but not the least; combine two styles with beachy waves and a braid. Get your hair into those gorgeous waves with either of the two methods listed above and then proceed onto the braided part. Section a 2-inch bit of your hair behind your ear and start braiding it into a thin braid. Wrap this braid around the top of your head till it reaches behind your other ear, securing it with a bobby pin. This should look like a braided headband of sorts, with your waves fanning out over your shoulders beneath it.

A stop knot, ponytail or a side braid are fuss-free hairstyle options
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Messy waves are an all-natural look for the beach that you can pair with accessories.
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Combine beach waves and braids is this easy hairstyle.
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So now that you’ve got these amazing beach hairstyles to try out, you must be thinking the same thing we are…sun, sand and surf! If you aren’t already, pack your bags and make your way to a beach weekend. Have fun!

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