Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Bob

A hairstyle that made it into our top 5 iconic Bollywood hairstyles list, the bob is perfect for the summer. So we thought we’d give you a little more know-how about this hairdo that will allow you to bear our sweltering hot Indian summers and look super stylish as you do it.

Now don’t go picturing that blunt mushroom-style cut all the kids used to have 25 years ago. When we talk about the bob cut, we’re thinking about the chic Bipasha Basu, Katie Holmes haircut that’s made waves all over the world. And there’s more than one way you can wear it, so don’t worry if you think this hairstyle may not suit you.

There’s a bob cut for everyone, but if you’ve got a round face it’s usually a big no-no. However, wear your hair in a slightly long bob, below your chin, and you’re right on track. They also say people with curly hair should avoid the bob too, because it can end up looking awfully triangle-like unless you take care of it.

However, worry not, there’s definitely a solution out there for curly locks and it’s called the layered bob. As the name suggests, it involves layers and lots of them. Taking care of this bob entails high-maintenance defined curls that will have you in front of the mirror for quite a few minutes with a curling iron. But if you don’t mind high maintenance hair there’s nothing like it! The layered bob is also effortlessly chic for women with straight hair – no curling iron required there!

All you ladies with naturally straight and thin hair can also go for a straight cut bob, a classic bob, one that cuts off at your chin or even higher at your jaw line.

If you’re feeling adventurous and more importantly, if you need some volume, ask your hairstylist to keep your cut longer in the front and shorter at the back with multiple layers. This kind of bob is always on trend and is called the graduated bob.

But if you feel like the razor sharp graduated bob isn’t quite the one for you, how abut the inverted bob? It’s pretty much the same, but without the layers in the back – this will give you a softer look and is still trendy enough to earn you those cool points.

There’s one more type that’s evolved from the classic bob cut, and that’s the asymmetrical bob – like the others, this style involves longer lengths in the front. The twist is that one side in the front should be longer than the other. For example, you hair on the left should hang slightly lower than that on your right. Brilliantly experimentalist, no?

Now that we’ve listed and briefly expounded upon the various kinds of bob cuts (that’s the long bob, layered bob, classic bob, graduated bob, inverted bob and asymmetrical bob for you) do try and go in for one this summer. Trust us – or trust Bipasha Basu if you don’t trust us – it’s totally worth it!

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