Monday, 20 May 2013

DIVO Loves: Sophie Choudry at an 'Ishkq in Paris' promotional event

We’re seeing a lot of understated, girl-next-door hairstyles on Ms.Choudry at Ishkq in Paris promotions. First it was the simple blowout with a pulled back mid section on top. This time, it’s a fishtail side-braid. Totally on trend, but with a curly-haired twist.

The top section of her hair was styled into tiny curls, with the braid making its way out from the base. We have to say, this was a pretty great take on the trend that’s made its presence felt quite heavily on the red carpet this year.

What do you think?

Give your own fishtail braid a twist with a bouffant or a pompadour. Even better, add some accessories like an embellished headband or golden strands woven through the braid. 

Sophie Choudry flaunts her creative take on the fishtail side braid
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