Thursday, 23 May 2013

Get The Look – Race 2

We watched Race 2 over the weekend and realized it would make for a perfect blog post. With Deepika Padukone looking her usual glamorous self, we were dying to talk all about her hairstyles in the movie.

We found three hairstyles we especially loved and we’re going to show you how you can recreate them yourself!

Perfect Beachy Waves:

Deepika's beachy waves go perfectly with her beachwear
(Image courtesy -

This style is best for a layered hairscut, so if you’re really intent on it, get some long layers in your hair first. Next, apply some volumiser to your roots before you start styling.

Now stylists have been known to use salt water to create the perfect beach waves. With that in mind, you can use sea salt spray – a product made by a number of companies – on damp hair; then scrunch your hair into submission. Without a doubt, the fastest way to get beachy waves!

If you can’t find a sea salt spray, just follow these steps:
1. Apply some styling cream onto damp hair.
2. Section it into two parts, down the middle.
3. Braid it tightly into two plaits – take some help from a friend, because these braids really do need to be tight. If you want your waves to start near the roots of your hair, style your damp hair into a French braid instead, thus stying your hair closer to your scalp.
4. Let it air dry. This may take a while, but it won’t work as well if you use a blow dryer.
5. Open up your braid(s) and scrunch your hair with a little mousse if needed.
6. Finish up with hair spray!

The bouffant + Side Braid:

Deepika sports the impeccable bouffant + side braid hairstyle to complement her utility-chic look
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We’ve already covered how to create the perfect bouffant in our ‘Get The Look – Cocktail’ post, but here are the basics:
1. Section off the hair at the top front of your head, right up till the back with a fine toothed comb.
2. Next, start back combing this section, which basically involves you combing in the opposite direction toward your scalp.
3. Back combing creates volume, but doesn’t look very neat. So once your done back combing, use your comb to smoothen just the top layer of the little poof you’ve created.
4. Spray some (or a lot of) hairspray to hold the bouffant in place.
5. Next, start braiding the bottom section of your hair sideways, over your shoulder.
6. Secure with a hair tie.

You’ll probably need some help creating this hairstyle at home, especially to stop that bouffant from falling apart. The end product is so worth it though, don’t you think?

Sleek Bun + Fascinator:
A fascinator is a kind of a miniature hat that may come with a band or that you can simply clip on. And as you can see on Deepika, it lends an air of sophistication to any formal outfit.

Deepika's fascinator is the ideal accessory to her sleek updo
(Image courtesy -

To perfect Deepika’s look at home, sleek your hair back with a comb and some styling gel, then twist it into a bun. It doesn’t matter if your bun is high or low, but we prefer the more formal low bun to go with the formality of the fascinator. After you’re done creating your bun, hold it in place with some hairspray and then perch your gorgeous fascinator on your head at an angle.

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