Monday, 16 September 2013

Never fading Ponytails

Be it the summer heat or the monsoon breeze, Ponytails are a girl’s fair weather friend! With the variations and on- and-off demand for this hairdo, there are a few that have managed to belong in the ‘never fading’ category.

The Chic Ponytail


This tie- high with some bangs has been a constant favorite of many. Existing since ages, this ponytail can be matched with some formal wear, casual wear, for a semi formal evening do or just the general girl’s day out!

The Messy Ponytail

Lazy day, workout or just a casual day out, this hairstyle is just perfect for a day where you hardly wish to move a finger. Easy to tie and trendy!

Straight Pony


Poker straight pony has been a favorite at the red carpet as well as at many glam affairs. They work fabulously well with the off shoulder dress and smokey eyes.

Braid Ponytail


The Braid Ponytail is one of the trendiest hairdos with a number of variations. They can be worn anywhere anytime, just add some more twists to it and probably some accessories and your hair will be all prep’d for the super classy evening!



This easy yet stylish pony can be mistaken for a bun as well. It just requires some backcombing and hairspray to help it stay neat.

Low Pony


Low and Loose is the way to go, if you’re having a lazy day.

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Friday, 6 September 2013

Hide those stubborn greys!

Amidst the dense dark tresses, sticking out are a few grey strands? The first time you noticed this, it must’ve been quite horrifying. Jennifer Aniston admitted to have actually cried at her first ‘going-grey’ sighting. Now instead of using hair dye to colour you whole hair you can follow a few simple techniques to make this evident hair ordeal easily make a miss!


Hair Mascara:
Hair Mascara’s are easily available at any beauty shop and in different colours as well. Just glide the mascara brush through those grey strands and voila! no more greys!

Cover it up:
If you have a few grey strands in a certain area or near the temple region, then covering that section by combing your hair over it is the simplest method. You can also pull them back, tuck them and let it stay with the help of some bobby pins. 


Use accessories:
Since a grey hair starts to appear from the roots first, you can try using hair bands and head claws to bury the roots. Bobby pins, Tic- Tacs, etc can be used to tuck those greys neatly.


The eye shadow trick:
You can use a darker shade of eye shadow depending on your hair colour to conceal the grey tress. Dip the brush in a little water or hair gel and dab a bit of the eye shadow on it. Run it through the strand. This is a great solution for those who are in the early grey hair stage.


You can cover up dense grey tresses by sticking on some hair extensions right above the grey hair section. They not only bury those grey strands, but make your hair look denser.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Frizz mistakes to avoid!

Imagine, being perfectly dressed for the perfect date. Your favorite dress matched with your chic shoes and your only fear being humidity to frizz out your flawlessly set hair.
Now you can wave a goodbye to this ‘humidity fear’ and say hello to beautiful, luscious locks with or without the humidity nemesis!

Just follow a few simple tips that can make your mane from gloom to gleam!

1.  Know your frizz product:
The best frizz product for frizzy hair is the Anti- frizz serum. For curly hair, you can opt for a more creamy solution. Try and avoid styling products as they contain a high amount of alcohol and alcohol can suck up moisture, leaving strands brittle. 

2. Shampooing:
 A chief ingredient in most shampoos is sodium lauryl sulfate, which is an efficient cleanser. Hence, frequently shampooing your hair can leave your hair dull, dry and frizzy.

TIP: Try using shampoos that are sulfate free. Also, for fine hair, you can cleanse every other day and for thicker strands, you can go for three days without a wash.

3. Blow Drying cries:
Frizzing of hair post Blow Drying a problem? Move from blow drying in your bathroom to the bedroom or wait for the fog to settle in the bathroom.  Don’t shut off the dryer until your hair is completely dry.

TIP: Styling your hair with boar and nylon bristle brush can help seal and smoothen the cuticles. For curly hair try using your fingers instead.

4. Towel- Dry:
Vigorously roughing up wet hair with a towel can damage the hair, especially the cuticle. However, wrapping your hair with a towel is a better option. Lightly pressing and squeezing out the water preferably with a microfiber cloth is advised.

5. Conditioning:
Unless you have thin hair, make sure you use a deep conditioner and leave it in for about five minutes so that it can penetrate and add moisture and gloss to your hair. Leave-in conditioner products are the best for frizzy hair.

6. Avoid the Touch:
Try as much as you can to not run your fingers through your hair repetitively.  The more you lay a hand on it, the more you create the frizz.