Thursday, 31 January 2013

How To: Tie a top knot in 5 minutes

There are those lucky few who are born with silky shiny hair that just falls right into place in the mornings. And then there are those who wake up with the most frightening case of bed head. If you (like the most of us out there, let me assure you) belong to the latter, we have a super-easy solution for you: it’s called the top knot and it only takes 5 minutes of your time.

All of Hollywood’s and Bollywood’s leading ladies will swear by it; it’s seen on the red carpet all the time. An added bonus, considering there are very few hairstyles that will help us attain that degree of professional gorgeousness, am I right?

This fuss-free yet sophisticated hairstyle is a lifesaver for those occasions when you have to rush to work in the morning with no time for a proper blow out. Forget work, have a date to go on and no time to prep? Tie a top knot and accessorize it! It’s the perfect fix - trust me, it works every time.

Aishwarya Rai sports the top knot at Cannes '11
Freida Pinto at the Tribeca Film Festival '12

What you’ll need:
A hairbrush.
2 hair ties, in a color closest to that of your hair.
A couple of bobby pins.

How To:
Brush all your hair up into a high ponytail, making sure to smoothen it out as you do. The higher you tie your ponytail, the higher the top knot. Once you’ve tied your hair, wind it around the base of the ponytail to form a bun. Secure it with your second hair tie, then spray all over with hairspray and voila! You have your classy and très chic top knot.

For a more casual and messy knot, forget the hairbrush and just comb through your hair with your fingers, working it into a high ponytail. After securing it in place, wind your hair into the bun with the second hair tie. For the final touches, let a few strands out near your face and then spray all over with hairspray. 

Tip: If you’re going somewhere dressy, jazz your top knot up with some ornate headbands or hairclips. Another great idea is to back comb your hair into a bouffant and secure it in place with bobby pins, then continue with your high ponytail and knot.

So all you gorgeous women give this one a try the next time you wake up with unmanageable locks. Take it from me, there’s nothing better than a quick fix solution like this one to your bad hair days. And if you happen to make a glamorously knotty night out of it as well, more power to you!

Gwen Stefani, Lea Michele, Katie Holmes, Kate Bosworth and Ashley Benson show us how the top knot's done

- Vaidehi Mirashi.