Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How To: Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

Our last article was about great hairstyles you can wear to the beach, but we haven’t told you what you can do to protect it from the sun yet. You can come up with a hundred different hairstyle ideas, but none of them will be any good with dried out damaged hair, right?

Even in the city, summertime will inflict maximum damage on your otherwise shiny, healthy locks. Spend too much time in the sun, and you’ll notice your hair colour fading, ends splitting and your hair shaft getting dry and brittle.

Now it may require a bit of an effort on your part, but protecting your hair from UV damage should be first and foremost thing in this heat. Say goodbye to unprotected heat styling for starters, especially with the heat and humidity at its highest point. Another simple tip would be to oil your hair once in a while.

You can go a step further and use products with sun protection in them. Go for a deep conditioning treatment once a week if your hair starts looking brittle. Kérsatase makes a great deep conditioning treatment called Masquintense that’ll zap your strands back into their shiny state.

TRESemmé also makes a ‘Climate Control Finishing Spray’ that’ll set your hairstyle while protecting it from the sun. It works as a hairspray, but claims to be a non-sticky version that “creates a barrier between your hair and outside humidity, static, UV rays and wind”, as quoted on their website.

There’s always a few very simple steps your can take to protect your hair without going overboard on the products, and that’s to cover up! Wear a hat or a cap; you can even take a cue from Lindsay Lohan and wrap a bandana around your hair. In addition to protecting your hair, these accessories will keep the sun from having too much of an impact on your health. Try shops like Acessorize or Aldo Accessories for fun, stylish hats and caps. Pick up a scarf and wrap it around your head for a stylish take on the biker-girl look.

Halle Berry and Lindsay Lohan do a fashionable job protecting their hair from sun damage
(Images courtesy - wohoo.co.uk and vacationmiamihomes.com)

Just a few of these steps will make help you keep the damage at bay…and you can always indulge yourself and make a lovely trip to the spa once in a while!