Monday, 27 May 2013

DIVO Style Files: Carey Mulligan

You’ll recognize her as Daisy Buchanan from the recent megahit The Great Gatsby, but Carey Mulligan has been making waves for quite some time now.

We think she garners recognition for a whole other reason, however - the dainty actress never fails to wow us with her hairstyle choices. Since most people think it’s a little too tough to style short hair, there’s a lot we can learn from Mulligan’s creative dos.

Let’s start with the actress’s penchant for a neat bouffant. Seen on multiple occasions, she wears her hair pulled back and twisted at the back, with a tiny bouffant to top it off. We love, love, love the look but maybe she’s worn it too many times? It’s a great look to DIY though, just pull the front section of your hair into a bouffant, then divide the rest of your hair into sections (as many as you want, you can make it look real intricate right here) and carefully twist them into twirls and pin them up. Alternatively, just pull the rest of your hair into a low bun.

Tryt this neat bouffant look at home!
She may have left all her glamorous headpieces to make their statement in the movie, but Carey brought all her charm to the front at the Cannes ’13 Opening Ceremony. The enchanting gown she wore was complement with the simplest of hairstyles – the all natural middle parting with her hair pushed behind her shoulders. Considering she has shoulder length hair, this will take some styling products – in case any of you would like to take this look home, keep the styling cream at hand.

Another great ‘do with a middle parting was her look at the Women In Film celebration – this time, the rest of her hair was pull back into a low, carefully styled bun.


Speaking of careful styling, take a shot at her glossy sleek bangs from the Met Gala ’13. They’re easy to accomplish provided they suit your face (pay a visit to your stylist!) and spell instant sophistication, wouldn’t you agree?

Carey Mulligan at the Met Gala '13

Carey Mulligan’s hairstyle at the Sydney premiere of The Great Gatsby is one of our favourite looks so far. Her curls have a girlish, carefree look to them that’ll be perfect both for the workplace and when you’re out at night. Easily achievable with a little product and a curling iron!

Curls are the perfect style solution for hair of any length

So now that we’ve shown you a few best of The Great Gatsby’s leading lady’s hairstyles, which one are you going to try at home?

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