Monday, 16 September 2013

Never fading Ponytails

Be it the summer heat or the monsoon breeze, Ponytails are a girl’s fair weather friend! With the variations and on- and-off demand for this hairdo, there are a few that have managed to belong in the ‘never fading’ category.

The Chic Ponytail


This tie- high with some bangs has been a constant favorite of many. Existing since ages, this ponytail can be matched with some formal wear, casual wear, for a semi formal evening do or just the general girl’s day out!

The Messy Ponytail

Lazy day, workout or just a casual day out, this hairstyle is just perfect for a day where you hardly wish to move a finger. Easy to tie and trendy!

Straight Pony


Poker straight pony has been a favorite at the red carpet as well as at many glam affairs. They work fabulously well with the off shoulder dress and smokey eyes.

Braid Ponytail


The Braid Ponytail is one of the trendiest hairdos with a number of variations. They can be worn anywhere anytime, just add some more twists to it and probably some accessories and your hair will be all prep’d for the super classy evening!



This easy yet stylish pony can be mistaken for a bun as well. It just requires some backcombing and hairspray to help it stay neat.

Low Pony


Low and Loose is the way to go, if you’re having a lazy day.

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