Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Get rid of that product build-up!

If you jot down and make a list of the numerous products you use in your hair on a regular basis, you’ll find it to be a long list – serums, oils, mousses, conditioners, shampoos and so much more. While they make your tresses bouncy and beautiful in your daily life after a while, the usage of so many products does more good than bad to our hair by weighing our hair down, making it lifeless and leaving a residue on our scalp.
Here’s a few ways to get rid of that product build-up for once and for all:

Fewer products: Avoid using too many products in your hair, too often. While it is perfectly alright to style and sculpt your hair with waxes and sprays, use such styling products only on occasion and go product-free on a daily basis.

Clarifying shampoo: A clarifying shampoo, unlike your ordinary ones are those which are specially designed to clarify your hair and remove residue making it feel silky smooth. Use such a clarifying shampoo one every fortnight as more than that isn’t necessary. The Toni & Guy Detox Shampoo and Herbal Essence Fresh Balance Clarifying Shampoo are great shampoos to use for the purpose of clarifying.

Clarifying rinse: Make your own clarifying rinse for your hair by mixing one cup of lemon juice, one cup of Epsom salt and one gallon water and leave the mixture to stand for 24 hours. Post shampooing your hair, using the mix as a final clarifying rinse. You will find your greasiness gone as the rinse will add that bounce back into your hair.

Clarifying rub with baking soda:  Depending on the length of your hair, mix a small amount of baking soda with a little water. Just as you begin your bath, wet your hair generously and then apply the baking soda onto your scalp. As you apply it, rub it gently onto your scalp in circular motions. Leave the clarifying rub into your hair for around 5 minutes and wash it off.  The baking soda will cleanse your scalp and make your hair feel vivacious!

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