Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Winter Hair Care - Don'ts

While we always emphasize on the do’s, an extremely important part of our hair care regime is also the don’ts. Although adding new products and multiplying new techniques are a crucial part of our hair care, if unwanted don’ts are also carried out, it tends to not just add unnecessary steps in our routine but leaves our locks dismayed. So in addition to the must-do steps in our winter hair care routine that you follow; we’re here to advise you on the steps that you can drop during the winter:


As the winter takes a colder turn, you may notice that your hair has gotten coarser and frizzier which is, natural but preventable. An important don’t would be to avoid heat-styling tools of any kind – blow dryers or straighteners. Post the treatment, your hair may temporarily look good but at the risk of getting your hair follicle dried and damaged which is just not worth it. Cut the heat-styling down to times only when it is absolutely necessary. And if you’re facing a bad hair day and don’t know how to deal with it without your heating tools? Try a chic beret or a stylish scarf – No one will even notice your hair!


During the winter, your scalp tends to get greasier and flakier that it usually does so to combat this, people get overzealous with the shampoo and end up washing their hair so often that it strips the natural oils that the scalp is producing. The result is over-washed, dry hair which is frizzy and coarse. Avoid over-shampooing your hair as much as you can and instead; to combat the greasy feeling, try a dry shampoo.

Hot bath:

A hot bath may be your oasis of pleasure during the dreary winter nights but beyond the warmth it gives you, it is doing more damage to you than you know! The heat in the water, especially if you like your baths very hot, is intensely damaging to your hair creating frizz and dryness unnecessarily. The simple solution to this is to enjoy your hot bath during the winter for as long as you like and once you finish, pour a few tumblers of cold water on your head for the heat to dissipate and to allow the cold water to seal the hair follicle.

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