Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Radiant Orchid for your hair

The Pantone institute has declared the colour of the year for 2014 as ‘Radiant Orchid’ which is classified as a pleasant purple-pink shade. While our clothing generally takes first picks, apart from just including the pleasing purple hue in your closet,why not try something new this year? And what better way to try something than celebrate the beauty of the shade than to rock it on our hair as well!

Here are some fun ways to incorporate the radiant orchid shade through just a few changes into your daily hairstyles:

 1) Bows:

Add a pretty bow in a purple shade to your everyday ponytail or loosely curled hair and you will find it not only adds a lady-like charm to you look but a pinch of colour as well!  This will heighten the look of your regular ponytail and will match beautifully with your day-time dresses.

       2) Clips:

 Clips come is all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours and they are available just about everywhere. With clips, you can not only tame your frizzy locks but adds a little quirkiness to an otherwise bland hairdo.  Find a couple of exciting clips in different figures andshapes - all in a purple shade. If you enjoy a dab of bling, with a careful hand and some glue, sprinkle some glitter or beads onto the clips and let it dry. You now have your very own customized clips in the shade of the year which will inject some cuteness to your hairstyle and colour to any outfit.

     3) Orchid: 
      The best solution is to add nothing but the most natural of sources which is a real orchid! If you’re feeling fresh and radiant today and want to embrace that feeling, there is no better way than to pin a beautiful blooming orchid to your left hair in order to add a refreshing touch to it. If orchids are too tough to find, you can always replace it with some pretty flowers in purple.

4)  Colour:

The most daring and the  most spunky of ways is try the addition few streaks of a deep purple or a dark violet which will lend a funky style to your daily ‘do! Ask your hairstyling professional which shade of the purple spectrum would suit you best and then take the plunge!

Which ways will you be embracing radiant orchid in this 2014?

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