Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hair Myths Debunked - Part 2

In our post today, we’re continuing from where we left off last week and talking about the various myths surrounding hair care, what is fact and what is fiction so as to find out the truth to benefit your hair care routine.

Getting frequent trims for your hair will make it grow faster.
This is a popular statement that has been passed around from hairdressers to customer which is however, untrue. The growth of hair is determined by your growth hormones and the internal biology of the chemicals in your body. Trimming your hair is an external process which is carried out to the ends of your hair. While a regular trim can make your hair feel thicker, healthier and gets rid of any stray split-ends; it can, in no way, have any effect on the growth of hair in your body.

Shampoos and conditioners should be changed frequently.
It is often said that the shampoos and conditioners used in the hair should be changed frequently as the hair tends to build a tolerance to a particular variant or brand of shampoo after a long period of time. This statement is untrue. You hair has no power to build levels of tolerance to a particular shampoo or conditioner and neither can it identify brands and variants. As long as you provide your hair with good quality, nourishing hair care; you can reap the benefits of it. So if you have a shampoo or conditioner that gives you good results, stick to it.

Certain products can fix your split-ends.
This is unfortunately untrue. Think of a split end as a rip in a piece of cloth that would be your hair. While stitching and gluing it together can make it unnoticeable, it can only be removed if it is cut off from the piece of cloth. In the same manner, while hair masks and leave-in conditioners can temporarily improve the appearance of split ends, they can only be removed when they are trimmed off.

Colouring your hair causes damage to it.
Colouring your hair today is a safe, fuss-free procedure with relatively less chemicals and hassle and hence does not cause any damage to the hair. In order to get the best of our of your hair colour and keep your tresses safe, make sure you use a protective serum pre colouring, use a post colouring conditioner and pay heed to your hair stylists post care instructions.

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