Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hair Trends at the Academy Awards 2014

The Academy Awards (more commonly known as the Oscars) need no introduction. It is the convergence of movie stars, artists, musicians, film personnel and technicians on one night, the said night of which is popularly termed as ‘Hollywood’s biggest night’. Along with the showcase of fashion and films, a commonly overlooked are is hair and being Hollywood’s biggest night on the town, you can be certain to spot quite a few trends on the glamorous red carpet.

This year was all about a fresh and ethereal look when it came to the ladies strutting on the red carpet and their hair. Just as keeping it short and sweet is popular in the real world, the Hollywood’s bevy of beauties followed it with their mane as well. So let us take a look at the hair trend that took 2014’s Academy Awards by storm. While some of these ladies having a short crop of hair pulled their names back, those with flowing luscious locks decided to tie them up into a variety of stylish updos.

Amy Adams, a frontrunner for her role in American Hustle, pulled back her ginger locks in a tight updo that brought focus to her face and neckline while keeping her hair neat and minimal. 

Lupita Nyongo added a touch of girlishness to her short hair with a simple white hairband that matched her summery toned dress.

Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood’s sweetheart, effortlessly pushed back her short crop of hair with its deep brown highlights.

Anna Kendrick, who is often known for her humourous nature, used a pushed back updo to a different advantage of hers. With a simple side-parting in her brown hair, she tied it into a small bun to make her shimmery earrings and her unique sheer dress the focal point of the entire look of hers.

Charlize Theron used a strong side-parting in her pretty blond cropped bob that reaches her ears. The simple crop made her statement neckpiece an attention-grabber in her ensemble.

Anne Hathaway kept her look ladylike and feminine by pushing her fringe and her pixie cut hair off her face and nape.

Lady Gaga, the queen of eccentricity, went for a subdued look by tying her long blond tresses into a pretty bun.

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