Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Astounding Facts About Your Hair

Our hair is one of our most loved elements of our body. We shampoo it, we condition it, we nourish it and pamper it unconditionally to get the shiny mane of our dreams. But apart from bestowing beauty treatment on our tresses and longing for better hair, how much do we really know about our hair? Think about it. While we may know its colour and texture, what else do we have knowledge about when it comes to the north-most point of our body? In this post, we’re providing some fascinating facts about human hair and a glance into the background of hair that will astound and surprise you!

Your hair contains information about everything that has been in your bloodstream: medicine, drugs, minerals, vitamins etc.

Healthy hair can be stretched up to 30% of its length when wet. If hair does not stretch back to its original state, it’s lacking protein. If it snaps it is either containing too much protein or lacking moisture.


According to a survey carried out, Blondes are perceived as being fun and flirty; brunettes are seen as smart and serious while redheads are looked on as strong.

On an average human head, there are approximately 100,000 strands of hair.
The hair follicles that we, as humans, have on our heads were formed when we were fetuses in the womb. 

Your hair is composed of the following elements: 50% of Carbon, 21% of Oxygen, 17% of Nitrogen, 6% of Hydrogen and 5% of Sulphur.

During the times of the Renaissance Era, it was fashionable for women to pluck their hairlines in the front in order to push it further back and expose more of their forehead.

We get goose bumps when we are cold, scared or emotional because at the time of a reaction, each muscle of each and every hair strand contracts which in turn causes the hair to rise.

The word shampoo is derived from the Hindu-Urdu word, ‘champna’ meaning “to knead” or “to massage.” 

The word ‘champi’m which means “massage” in Hindi is a derivative of the same word and is used even today.

A strand of hair is stronger than a copper wire of equivalent diameter.

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