Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hair Inspiration at Coachella

Coachella is an annual music and arts festival which takes place during the month of April, and makes enormous waves all over the media every year for not just its star-studded artists and performers but its style statements as well. This year, apart from the impressive line-up of artists which included Jay-Z and Pharell, Coachella makes the perfect fashion and beauty inspiration for the chic yet breezy vibe that it exudes so abundantly. And it isn’t just the fantastic fashion that we can take inspiration from but the innovative, summery hairstyles that are perfect to lust over.

This year, it was not only the music, art and entertainment lovers that attended the festival but a number of A-list Hollywood celebrities as well which included Paris Hilton, Katy Perry and the Kardashian sisters – Kylie and Kendal amongst others. A favorite for Coachella fashion is a mix of lace, light denim cut-offs and maxi-dresses which match the theme of the festival. When it comes to the hairstyles, at large, women are definitely more experimental and tend to take a new step with new hairdos and looks.

A favorite this year was the flower crown sported by a majority of the women all over the festival. Whether their crown of flowers was created with daffodils or daisies, artificial or real flowers; the flower crown was popular with the women at Coachella and was worn on the crown of the head, over loose waves, beach curls or even playful braids.

A colourful burst of hues were also a popular choice at the festival. Many attendees choose to wear rainbow hued streaks of colour in their hair, especially in summery pastel tones. This pop of colour not just livened up their head of hair but added a spunky, young feel to their looks. 

Braids were a hairstyle of choice at Coachella as they added a necessary touch of femininity to a complete look and keep away the trouble of tending to untied hair. We spotted a few pigtail braids, French braids and fishtail braids.

 And finally, hair accessories went bold at Coachella when the women chose to adorn themselves with floppy hats, innovative crowns and fashionable twists.

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