Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Hair scarves for summer

Along with the warmth of the summer season, comes the sunshine and sundresses as well. However, the singular downside of the bright holiday months is the humidity in the air. In a country like ours, the summer air is generally rife with high levels of humidity. So how does this affect us, you ask? Well, humidity levels affect us in a variety of ways and most noticed effect is the sweat that it brings along. Sweat will not only make you feel uncomfortable but lead to greasy and frizzy hair. Especially during the summer months, sweat can get quite unbearable and when it is centered on the nape, hair and facial region; there can be nothing quite as distressing. 

That’s why we turn to a variety of hair accessories to assist us in; not only keeping the hair worries away but in looking fresh all summer long. Today we’re talking about scarves. Scarves, a designed length of cloth is often used to spruce up clothing and take it up another notch but today we shall be showing you a few was to incorporate a scarf into your hairstyles.

A great way to keep the hair away from your face and nape is by using it as a hair band. Take a scarf of medium length and fold it lengthwise into a thin piece. Keeping both the ends of the scarf in either of your hands, put the loop of the band around the bottom of your hair and keep both the ends towards the top. Then tie either end of the scarf to the top of your hair and tuck the ends of the scarf in the band. Tie the rest of your hair in a high bun.

 Fold a scarf of long length into a thin, long piece and place the loop along the crown of your head with both the ends falling downwards. Then divide your hair in 3 sections as you would usually do to braid it. In both the outer sections of the hair, merge the 2 ends of the scarf. Then braid the hair as per usual till you reach the end and tie it together.



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