Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Low rolled bun tutorial

Summer is a wonderful time, full of sunshine and ice-cream, of breezy fashion and flowing hair. But what can hinder the hair the most during this season is sweat and grime which causes the hair to become greasy and weighed down. To prevent this unfortunate situation during such a lovely holiday season, the best way to deal with your hair is by uplifting it into a updo and keep you stylish even when the temperatures are soaring.

Today, we shall be demonstrating to you a step-by-step tutorial of a chic low bun that is simple to carry out and requires barely any additional tools and products so let’s begin! Prior to carrying out the hairstyle on yourself, take a few drops of serum into your palm and rub it gently into your hair, especially the midsection of it as this is the portion that will be most visible.

Step 1: After preparing your hair, comb it to remove any knots and make the hair appear sleek. Once done, use a thin hair tie to tie your hair into a sleek ponytail firmly at the nape of your neck.

Step 2: Once your pony is tied, take the section above the hair tie which is near your scalp and divide it into two sections.  It should appear to be a hole in the top part of the ponytail.

Step 3: We then take the ponytail and on pulling it upwards, put the full ponytail in the hole between the two sections which we made in step 2 and pull it down firmly.

Step 4: At this point, the hair should appear to look like a ponytail with two twists on either side of it.

Step 5: We now take the ponytail and pull it into place in order to tighten the upper twists and keep them firm.

Step 6: We now take the ponytail section of the hairstyle at the bottom and backcomb the entire ponytail in order to add volume to the upcoming bun.

Step 7: Our final step it to take the end of the ponytail and tuck it into the elastic that has tied the ponytail together and secure the ends with bobby pins.

Step 8: The end hairstyle will look chic and sophisticated!

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