Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Cannes Film Festival 2014 : Inspiration

At the Cannes Film Festival, not only was all the world a stage for the variety of films being screened, but as with every great festival; the beauty and fashion share the centre stage with the films as well. Wonderful gowns, crisp tuxedos and high formal ensembles were the choice for the week-long festival and along with it, the hair and makeup had a defining role in the complete looks. Today, we shall be bringing to you the best of hair inspiration at the Cannes Film Festival 2014.

Suki Waterhouse brought out her trademark fringe and side-swept it in the front. To keep with the classy look, she pulled her hair into an effortless updo on the back of her blonde hair and showed off her dazzling danglers by doing so.

Our very own Frieda Pinto looked sophisticated and chic as ever with her head of hair being neatly side-parted and then sleekly being pulled back into a long ponytail. The look was seamless and the minimalism of it let her dress do all the talking.

Hollywoods blue-eyed girl, Jennifer Lawrence looked fresh and fabulous as she gave her short of crop of hair a few Hollywood curls that were swept to the side letting her reveal her pretty earrings.

Amber Heard looked effortless as she pushed her head of tousled hair to one side which allowed for a single earring of hers to be spotted along with the a miniature braid she did on the other side of her hair.

Blake Lively looked every bit the bombshell that she is when she shone with an ingenious updo which was a sleekly created side part in the front and a uniquely refreshing pin-up updo at the back along with her bold red lip.

India’s first fashionista shone on the international stage and she went for a elegantly crafted updo at the back and a few glamourous curls in the front that oozed old-world Hollywood glam.

Marion Cottilard kept her look fresh as she opted for a unique swooped updo in the back and a twisted section in the front of her hair.

Kate Blanchett wore her grace on her sleeve with a delightful updo of a bun on the back and a miniature braid in the side swept into the bun.

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