Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Monsoon Hair Tips #1

The monsoon season is here to stay and if you are not a lover of the rainy days ahead, then the next 4 months can prove to be quite an arduous task to overcome. Not only can the unstable weather and flooding cause a number of hurdles in our daily life but in our beauty routine as well.
You may find that your hair has become coarser and more difficult to manage while your hair fall may have increased. These are signs for you to bring your regular routine to a halt and instead alter your routine to the season in swing. To make your transition to the monsoon just a little easier, we’ll be guiding you in this series as to how to fight away your monsoon hair troubles.

Nourish your hair
The increased humidity in the air causes your hair to become dull and coarse while also being prone to frizz. The best way to put these problems to rest is to nourish your hair more than you may usually do. You can do so by applying a hair mask at home or at a salon which is rich in nourishing extracts and proteins. A solution that is seconded by many a wise grandmother is to get weekly head massages with pure coconut or olive oil around an hour prior to your bath. Alter your regular hair routine and add in the use of a nourishing conditioner post your shampoo every few times a week.

Fight the hair fall
Hair fall is a monster than rears its head, especially during the monsoon due to the increased moisture in air and the humidity in the climate. To help treat the problem, you can avoid the usage of unnecessary heat styling products like straighteners and curling tongs. During the monsoons, as soon as you step out from a bath, make sure to thoroughly air dry your hair with a soft towel so that it is as dry as possible once you finish. Especially in this season, air dry your hair and avoid using blow-drying for the same. By doing so, you will lessen the damage of the hair fall to your hair.

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