Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Fun bun hair tutorial

When the monsoons come around, there is nothing more than enjoying the season with a hot cup of tea and a dance in the rain. We’ve tackled the problems faced by ladies during this season in our previous monsoonseries and the ways one can prevent it so today, we have got another monsoon special on the cards. With the fun bun tutorial we will show you today; you can keep your hair worries at bay with this easy tutorial and look fantastic doing so.

Here is what you need:
·         A curling iron
·         Bobby pins
·         Hair brush
·         Elastic bands
·         Hair spray

Step 1: Using your curling iron (preferably with a large barrel), curl small sections of your hair at its bottommost length. This step is primarily to add volume to the hair hence you do not have to be neat whilst curling. Once carried out, loosen all your curls with your fingers into loose waves.

Step 2: Flip your head downwards so that all your hair will fall forward. Once done, gather your hair upwards and using your hair brush, smoothen the rest of your hair with your hair brush as this portion of the hair will be most visible. 

Step 3: Once brushed, gather your upwards ponytail and tie it with an elastic band in such a way that the midsection of your hair forms a loop and the end section of the hair is left out of the firmly knotted elastic band.

Step 4: Placing either hand at the end of both sides of the loop of your midsection of hair. Then gently spread out the loop of hair in a fan-like motion in order for the loop of hair to gain more volume.

Step 5: In this crucial step, separate portions of hair from the hair loop in the same fan-like motion in order to add texture to the bun.

Step 6: Arrange all sections of the hair by wrapping them tightly around and tuck any ends into the bun.

Step 7: Use an elastic band to tightly keep the bun in place at the base and using bobby pins, keep any ends in place as well.

Step 8: Spritz your fun bun with hair spray to make sure it lasts through the day.

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