Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Trend Report: Rainbow hair trend

Colouring your hair can do so much for you – it can make you feel trendy, fun, sexy and even empowered. More than just the appearance of your hair, it can change the way you portray yourself to the world as well as the way you feel about yourself. A chestnut brown can add an air of sophistication. A deep burgundy can make you feel sensational. A passive blue can make you feel cool.  This up and coming hair will make you feel all of that and more.

The rainbow hair trend is a rising phenomenon hitting all the movers and shakers in Hollywood, from musical artists to actors. For this particular trend, smaller sections of the hair are chosen to be colored as this makes the effect of the trend stylish yet subtle and does not verge on overpowering the global colour of the hair. Generally, the lower ends of the hair, from the midsection to the ends are the prime choice to be coloured as this is the portion of hair that is most visible. What is most popular with respect to this trend is the contrast between the hues that are all used together in the look. While some choose to go bright with the shades that they use, others opt for softer pastel tones (an inspiration post of which we’ve covered here!) 

Singer Lily Allen rocked the rainbow hair trend with a global colour contrast of flaming red with a deep violet, both blending into each other with an ombre effect.

Artiste Ke$ha, just like her funky music, chooses a bright head of hair, all decked in rainbow colours and neon shades.

Pop star Demi Lovato snapped a selfie with her brunette hair intermingling with shades of cobalt blue, purple and turquoise at the ends.

Singer Rita Ora made a statement with her elegant blond locks tied in a sleek ponytail and her ends complimenting her look in cool tones of blue and violet.

Pop icon Katy Perry went all out with a bright sleek ponytail in shades of blue which shone with her neon look.

You can always give the rainbow hair trend a try with some simple hair chalking of a few sprigs on colour on your midsections and ends of your hair.


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