Wednesday, 15 October 2014

PARIS FASHION WEEK 2014 - The Comeback Trends

Paris Fashion Week 2014 saw some great ensembles, A-listers and trends making a comeback and these hairdos sure were hard to miss.

Center Parts

Center Parts are back and how!
This runway saw models donning the long hair look with center parts, which worked well with most designs.

Wear it either the poker straight or the natural waves way, a sure shot winner at this fashion week, at least!

Hair Accessories

With the Boho-Chic headbands still being much in demand, a little more of a variety would help.

This specific one with starfishes and seashells aptly placed with the braid seen at the PFW gives you scope of experimentation and choice of hair accessory galore.

Textured Tails

What may have looked like untamed tresses to some, turned out to be a trendy hairdo here.

The textured tails has an array of options that can be merged with like crimped tresses with straightened tails or straightened tresses with crimped tails, gelled sleek hairdo with waves at the end, etc. etc.


And they're back once again!

Wear them either poker straight or with light waves, loosened tresses or the pony way... Bangs can go with anything and everything.

Those who don't wish to chop them off can also opt for the extensions too. A great option for those who are always up for an experimentation with their hair.

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