Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Trendy Hair Colours - Winter 2014

If you're really looking forward to unique hair colour this season, however confusion has struck your mind, we've got some options for you!

Here are a few hair colours that rocked the Red Carpet, Ramps and more!

Pumpkin Spice

With Halloween here, this hair colour is just perfect for the fest. 

A touch of deep orange with gold undertones like Rachel McAdams here just amalgamates so well. 

Quite the thing, we'd say!

Auburn Tint

This hair colour is a favorite among many and ideal for those with dark to wheatish skin tones. 

The intense tone shones well and is rather apt for winter too. 

Plum Rubes

Wana try quirky with a dash of chic, this hair colour is for you!

Perfect for neutral skin tones. For the ones with a warmer tone, you can go a little light on the Plum shade.

Black Current

Those who have jet black hair, perhaps this would be best for you.

Super stylish, trendy and a total head turner!

Hazelnut Truffle

One of the favorites of all times and simple yet stylish!

The wooden hint with the hazelnut glaze gleams through, making it just so desirable. 

Jadey Juniper

Wana try something just so out of the box, this perhaps would be a great idea. 

For more cooler tones this would be great. 

You can also experiment by either adding a bit more of the green tones in the mix or more of the blue.

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