Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora Stun At Arpita Khan's Wedding

Arpita Khan's wedding sure was a fancy affair with too many special guests making an appearance. Right through the ceremonies quite a few managed to steal the thunder from the bride and get the 'Wedding Season' look right.

With December almost approaching and the D-Day fest nearing too, here are a few hairdos that may increase the oomph factor by a notch!


Priyanka Chopra teamed her Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla sari with a side swept with big curls, lush curls. Perfect to go with chunky earrings!


If you prefer keeping your hair straight and wish to add a slight twist, you can try blow-drying them either outwards or inwards like Katrina Kaif here. A simple yet quickly achieved one!

Messy Waves

Amrita Arora stuck to a standard hairdo through the wedding ceremonies, which aptly went with each of the creations she wore. 

Messy waves with a lightly blow-dried crown section has been a standard favorite of many and sure does look fancy too. 

Waves Dual

Malaika Arora Khan stunned like a Diva at Arpita's wedding and totally stole the light from the bride. Teaming her Lehengas, Saris and Churidars with distinguished Waves, Malaika made for quite an appearance.

Go ahead with the side swept chunky waves or the centre part ocean waves, this hairdo can go aptly well with attires that are both Indian as well as Western.

Perfectly neutral and amazing!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Sonakshi Sinha - Bob All The Way!

Sonakshi Sinha seems to have finally bid adieu to her long locks and added some zing by saying a hello to Long Bobs!

The Dabangg actress chopped off her trademark long hair, which she sported for years, and we must say so far she has managed to carry them off pretty well.

In one of her first appearances, Sona went for the chic straight hair that not only complimented her attire but also accentuated her features and newly chopped hair.

While at promotional events, the actress opted for a more casual clothing and finished the look by adding some messiness to her almost straight tresses. The fringe swept sideways, being the hero here!

And at a recent awards night, Sonakshi made that hairdo with the Red Carpet Gown. Going for some curls with a side parting, she made the look work splendidly well.

Glad to see the actress experimenting with her Lob and trying out as much as she can.

All we can say is, 'May The Force Be With You!' 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Top 10 Boho - Chic Hairdos

Boho seems to be in demand these days and with newer hairdos making its way, here are a few that can be worn both for casual as well as formal dos.

Check it out!

The Classic French Braid

So the classic French Braid has been a favorite of many, but what makes it super Boho? The touch of messiness done with much finesse here.

Wear it on a casual day and you are sorted my friend!

The Red indian Braid

The Red Indian Braid consist of three braids. Great when you have extensions or coloured hair. Those who don't, can add a twist by adding some coloured extensions or perhaps even coloured thread.

Boho Hair-Band

This may take just two minutes and is really stylish too.

Just take a chunky segment from a little below the crown section, braid it, take it across your forehead and you're done!

Messy Knot

This may seem messy but has been a favorite at formal events too.

Segment your hair the way you do it for the braid, start by slightly tucking them from the side sections and knot them. Put some Bobby Pins to let it stay.

Crown Braid

This hairdo is literally a french braid tied diagonally. 

Classy for formal and casual dos.

Chain Braid

Start off with a diagonal french braid and go on till you form a 'U'. 

This hairdo may take sometime to get done. Add some hairspray to let it stay.

Braid Chignon

From the center parts braid your hair loose from the sides and tuck with bobby pins. The remaining hair can be tied in a loose chignon secured with some more pins.

Spray enough hairspray for it tp stay.

Bobby Pin Hairdo

Coming down to some creative hairdos, this has been quite a hit.

Take some colourful bob pins and tuck the side sections of your hair with 5 to 10 of them. 

If you're planning this for a formal event, you can opt for the glittery or studded bob pins too.

Ribboned Fishtail Braid

Along with the segments of your hair that need to be braided add some colourful ribbons or even threads if you'd like. Start off just the way you a neat fishtail braid.

The colours would make for a fancy look, totally chic.

Elegant bun With Mini Braids

Perfect for an event like a wedding, this can be quite easy actually.

Just segment the crown section and tie a braid. Place it a cross path fashion.

Add a little puff to the loosened tressses by backcoming and finish it the look by tying a bun.

Hairspray to let it stay.