Wednesday, 24 December 2014

10 Things You Don't Want To Hear After A Haircut!

After the much awaited haircut that you've wanted since forever and you LOVE so much, some much unwanted words can be such a Kill-Joy!

Here are a few things you should steer clear from when talking to someone who has just chopped their tresses! 

"OMG! Nooooo.... How could you do that?!"

Ahem.. my hair!

"Why would you want to cut your 'long' hair that short???"

Um.. Still my hair and Split Ends, you know.

"They look nice, but it doesn't suit you.."  #sigh

Your thoughts are supposed to be in your head! Also, your opinion doesn't matter!

"Don't you miss your long hair?"

Stop reminding me! The agony of missed-long-hair and the joy of new-short-hair is confusing me!

"Did you even cut your hair?"

Did you forget to wear your specs?

"You spent Rs. 2000 on this?!" 

...Which you didn't pay for.

"It makes your face look fat!"

So more hair equals to less weight. #F**kLogic!

"It doesn't suit your dressing style"

*still finding obnoxiously mean words to answer this*

"You look Mentally Retarded!"

How about I behave like one too?

After the nightmare of a haircut...
"Did you cut that YOURSELF?!"

Bye forever now!

PS: No matter how DISASTROUS they maybe! DO NOT!

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