Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Side-swept curls hairstyle tutorial

Our previous post was all about the glamourous ensembles and the chic hairdos that were seen at the Cannes Film Festival held in Cannes, France. While many went for prim and sleek updos, the rest of the attendees took inspiration of the delightful French weather and atmosphere and went for glamourous yet flowing hair looks and one of the most popular looks was that of the side swept curls. Side swept curls not only look lived in and effortless but add a subtle glamour to any formal event.

 In our post today, we’ll be showing you a step-by-step tutorial as to high to achieve this high glamour look.

Step 1: Start by parting your hair slightly off centre where one side has slightly more hair than the other side. The section with the larger amount of hair is where we shall create our base of curls followed by the upper section of curls being created by the other section.

Step 2: We start our look with the larger parting of hair. In this step, we must begin to pin our hair in different sections. To correctly pin them, you must determine which pieces of your hair are at what lengths, especially if your hair is in steps or layers. Divide the similar lengths together and start pinning them up.

Step 3: Once your curling iron is heated, begin from the bottommost and longest layers of hair and form your base of curls by beginning to curl your hair into tight curls.

Step 4: Once the lower section of the hair is curled, we can use our curling iron and begin curling the uppermost sections of the hair  until all the hair in the larger parting has been curled.

Step 5: Once all your hair from the larger parting is curled, make sure to spray a setting or holding spray to make sure that the hair retains the curls for hours to come.

Step 6: In our final step, move to the smaller parting of hair and as we did previously, curl the hair starting from the bottommost longest layers and work your way to the top and finish off with a holding spray.

Step7: Once both partings are curled and set, flip the smaller parting over to the large parting and pin any fly-aways and short hair in place with bobby pins.