Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Protecting your hair this season

The monsoons may be the season to make merry in the rains but as our recently concluded series on the effects the monsoon has your hair may speak otherwise. Hair fall, dandruff and so many more problems are commonplace in the monsoons and while we’ve spoken about them in great length in our series, we’ve written largely about the ways to cure these ills. Today, we’ll be discussing about the critical step to take even before the monsoon damage can affect out hair and how we can prevent this from happening, while staying fashionable throughout.

·         A caution to take would be to unnecessarily avoid wetting your hair and an umbrella would be the best solution for short periods of time, especially to keep your hairstyle flawless throughout. Transparent pieces and printed umbrellas are all the rage this season.  If you have a long distance to go, make sure to tie your hair in a bun and use the hood of your raincoat/windcheater to cover all of its length.

·         Before leaving for the day, use a small amount of leave-in conditioner and run it through the lengths of your hair. This will keep your hair nourished throughout the course of the day, even if you are faced with monsoon showers. If you are prone to frizz, try a pea-sized amount of a suitable serum in place of the conditioner that will liven the appearance of your hair while protecting it.
·         Shorter hair tends to be more manageable to protect. So if you are fond of experimenting with styles, a textured bob, an edgy pixie (with tips to help you try it here!) or a shoulder-grazing chop is ideal for seasons such as these when managing your hair is tougher.

·         Keeping your hair braided will reduce any frizz or dullness from showing through. You can incorporate a scarf into your braid, as our previous tutorial shows to add a touch of playfulness to it. A scarf wrapped around your hair and neck adds regality and beauty as well. If you have to attend a more formal event, our easy updo tutorial will show you how to achieve the same, while avoid any moisture and monsoon hair distress.