Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hairstyle Alert: Undercut Braids!

With 2014 almost coming to an end, some really intricate and fancy hairdos have started coming to the fore. 

Lobs, Bobs, Wobs whatever be your hair length, here's a trending style that you can easily opt for!  - The Undercut Braids.

Cara Delevigne went for a simple yet elegant Undercut Braid and boy! must we admit, the Goth element and sexiness was totally achieved here!

Some Cornrow inspired Undercut Braids - Oh so fancy!

A tressy version of a hairband and quite pretty too, this Undercut braid can be tied with your hair left loose or with a chignon.

The dual ones like Scarlet Johansson's here is very modish and different. You can also experiment with the left over hair by going for textured waves or tying it up in a ponytail.

Undercut Braid like Carmen Electra's here is surely Electrifying! 

Neat, chic and stylish!

Kristen Stewart here has managed to add a twist to the already fancy Braid with dimensions.

Going for some Under-Undercut Braid, we like how the intricate part remains hidden and the segments are shown.

Giving the Undercut Braid a new twist already!