Saturday, 31 January 2015

DIY: Easy And Quick Homemade Hair Colours

Red, Maroon, Blonde? Hair Colour has and will continue to be the rising trend! No matter how amazing the outcome maybe, BUT the damaging element attached to it, is just not what your hair requires . A dilemma isn't it? Au natural is the solution for you!

Here are some of Homemade remedies that can be used as a dye and totally hair friendly too!


The Juice of Lemon works perfectly well for light blonde and certain darker blondes. A tea mixture made from a combination of chamomile and calendula will work for darker blonde types.

Deep Honey

Rhubarb roots can help make deep honey tones. Simmer the root in water and let it cool. You can use it on your hair opting for the tea method.


For the brown hair tone, tou can use strong black tea or a coffee solution.

You can also make the tea by using rosemary and sage. Sage has been commonly used to cover gray hair. In case you do suffer graying of hair, opt for the sage method weekly to keep them from coming back.


For a red head, nothing better than tomato juice. Massage a sufficient quantity into hair, squeezing out the excess. Conceal it with a shower cap or plastic bag whichever your prefer, and leave on for a minimum of 30 minutes.

For a more antioxidant and healthier option you can also opt for the tea comprising of calendula and hibiscus flowers. Adjust the amount as per the desired the shade.

Almost Purple

Pulped beetroots can give your tresses a reddish purple tone.

P.S: Red Shades will pick up colour highlights from a vinegar rinse, used after a hair color.


Jet black hair is quite difficult to work with and while colouring it can be a longer procedure too. Black walnut powder can help give an almost black hair.

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