Thursday, 26 February 2015

OSCARS 2015: Hairstyles That Rocked The Night!

The Oscars has always been a special affair and this time around the competition was definitely fiercer. Not only in the category of the movies, performances and awards but also the for best look as well!

Actresses strived and put forward their best, however the one snatched the lights was Julianne Moore and her fancy Chignon!

Chic, Neat and Stylish.... the hairdo was just bang on!

Lily Collins sported a shoulder length bob at the Oscars 2015  Red Carpet, which looked oh-so vintage, however at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party she went a notch higher and got the Wispy Pixie Look.  

Love... Love... Love...!

Zendaya's Bohemian Long Faux Dreadlocks have been creating headlines and why wouldn't they? Not an easy look to achieve and most defnitely not everyone's cup of tea. But this lady pulled it off rather well!

Margot Robbie's Angular Blunt Cut was just the sharp edge she needed to complete her look. And yeah, she totally rocked it!

Go ahead with this look with the deep side parting like hers or center, waves or poker straight... This look can be easliy experimented with and easy to achieve too.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Contest Alert!

With great nails come great repsonsiblities and we understand those needs too! And we at Divo have a surprise for you.

Divo's Goodie bag has some amazing treats in store, which can be yours by answering a simple question.

Just tell us which of these nail shapes do you prefer best. Comment along with the hashtag #NailedIt and stand a chance to win big!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tricks To Make your Hair Grow Faster

Ever had days where you just stare at those tresses and wonder .... 'Has it even grown?'

Well put a stop this dilemma and pay heed to these simple hacks that will do the trick!

Basic Hair Care

If you've got the basics right, the end result wil just follow.

So if we go through the basics:

Oil your hair

Wash it regularly, but not everyday.

Trim regularly

Eat right

With the basics sorted, you can then experiment with the right treatment and products that will do you some good!

Deep Conditioning

You can opt for Deep Conditioning Hair Masks or even the DIY Home Remedies made out of fruits like Avacado, Banana or Yogurt Mask or Mayonnaise Mask.

Hair Protection Products

With too much hairstyling and products being used on your hair, some grave damage can be caused. In order to avoid them you can resort to some Hair Protection Sprays and Serums that are easily available in the market.

Hair Oil Treatment

The easiest treatment out there! All that you need to invest in is a good Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil or Olive Oil.

Hair Growth Supplements

Hair Growth Supplements have gone big in the recent few years and sure are in demand.

Just make sure you opt for the herbal ones or even better if you consult the Doc!

If you just follow the basics to the T and choose either one of the treatments and/or products/supplements your hair will turn out to be just the way you'd want it to be.